Monday, August 10, 2015

Book and Borders Café in Tomas Morato Food Review: A nook where bookworms, foodies and coffee aficionados unite

I’m basically a bookworm. So finding a nice place such as Book and Borders Café in Tomas Morato where I could simply read lazily on a soft couch while sipping on a cup of warm Salted Hot Chocolate was truly something grand for me. Situated along the long stretch of varied establishments in Tomas Morato, Book and Borders Café easily stands out. It’s both charming and inviting, it’s also the latest themed café to open in Quezon City. It caters to customers who are into reading, coffee and good food. 

Personally speaking, I like the concept of Book and Borders Café simply because it’s not the crowded-kind of café. It allows customers to simply chill out, engage in a good conversation, catch up on each other’s stories and basically enjoy. And for a bookworm like me, this place is a whole lot better than having to stay at the library. They also allow their customers to ‘borrow’ books—they’ve got an extensive selection of books. From kid stuff like Peppa Pig’s to Anne Rice’s and Dan Brown’s—one can actually take time to read ‘em all. The café has huge shelves so customers can easily identify which ones they’d want to borrow. An ID is all one needs to borrow a book. Once the book is returned, then their ID will also be returned to them. 


Beauty queen Venus Raj and Ariella Arida

Guest beauty queen Venus Raj and Ms. Mary Simisim

Brand ambassadors Benjamin Alves and Karylle flanked Ms. Mary Simisim, owner
If you’re like me, I love the scent of newly opened paperbacks. They bring back so many wonderful memories in high school. But during the time of typhoon Ondoy [International name: Haiyan], all of my precious book collections were washed off and I had no choice but to regain some of them through e-books alone because having the real books would cost me a fortune. That’s why I feel good being in a place like Book and Borders Café where there are actual paperbacks for customers to enjoy reading.
The café is cozy and had that ‘chill’ vibe. With uber comfy seats and colorful couches, it wouldn’t hurt if they would be bringing you off through an imaginative journey of fighting off dragons or riding off into Neverland. Oh, well, wherever your reading takes you.

Now let’s talk about their food. The café takes pride of their pastries [their mini doughnuts can rival off J.Co’s, I swear, they’re that good!] and refreshing drinks. Book and Borders Café has delicious muffins, breads, cupcakes, pies, tarts, squares and cakes. For quick bites, they also have carbo-loading pasta [Truffle Mushroom Pasta, Tuyo Pasta, Chicken Pesto Pasta, Bolognese, Three-Cheese Pasta to name some], sandwiches [Beef Pastrami Panini], and for those on a strict diet and are looking for healthier stuff, they’ve also got salad and breakfast options. For beverages, they are of course, offering coffee [with a variety of options to choose from] as well as refreshing smoothies. 

Sweet plates of donut and cakes

Truffle Mushroom Pasta
Tuyo with Kesong Puti Pasta

Three-Cheese Pasta
Chicken Pesto pasta

Bolognese pasta

I’ve tried on their Salted Hot Chocolate and it’s so rich and creamy that it reminds me of my grandma’s champorado. Yes, the kind made from ‘ol good chocolate tablea. I’ve paired that off with their Truffle Mushroom Pasta—and I’d have to say they taste fantastic! They perfectly complement each other in terms of satiating the palate.

Being the foodie that I am, I’ve also scooped and tried some pasta variants from other friends and I think their Tuyo Pasta was just as good.

With singer-“It’s Showtime” TV host Karylle Tatlonghari-Yuzon and GMA Kapuso actor Benjamin Alves as the café’s brand ambassadors [they are both book lovers], the café wants to promote and encourage the habit of reading as well as indulging in one’s love for coffee. The two celebrities happily welcomed everyone to Book and Borders Café during its grand opening held last July 28.

The author with Karylle Tatlonghari-Yuzon

Living it up to the café’s tagline, Read, Sip and Dine, Book and Borders Café is gotta be the place for coffee aficionados + bookworms + foodies and basically those with sweet tooth.

To learn more about Book and Borders Café, follow them on Instagram (@bookandborderscafe) and Twitter (@bookandborders). Call them at (0932) 871-7856


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