Friday, July 24, 2015

Tony Galvez Beauty Café Review in 9th Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City

Sir Tony Galvez and his niece Ms. Marie who's the cafe manager.

 I tried to drop by Tony Galvez Beauty Cafe simply because a friend recommended the place. Honestly, at first I could not imagine that a beauty salon, beauty school + a cute café could actually be found all under one roof! I walked in to find a beautiful little modern seating area with bright-white/ecru walls, some reds and vibrant green plants á la Forage Modern Workshop. I had just a rather gloomy day so I was sort of predisposed to a little crankiness, but the friendly faces behind the counter quickly changed my attitude. There’s a cute chalk-board menu with all of the offerings, and the prices are competitive with the other coffee shops around the hood.

Lovely recycled steel chairs gives off a vintage vibe

I drove past it a couple times and a few days ago decided to grab a latte and treat myself a cup after a hard day’s work. The minute you step inside Tony Galvez Beauty Café, you’d feel like you’ve been instantly transported into one of the cozy coffee shops in France. The shop has that European feel that totally left me in awe with shades of white, red, terra cotta and vintage feel. They also have some lush garden with cascading waters and well-lighted interiors. Truly Adorable. I figured that if an establishment cares enough about the whole experience, beyond their delicious foods and drinks, then I care enough to give them commendations. And I actually want to sit there and enjoy what I just bought, and maybe invite friends to come sit with me, and in turn give them more customers. Tony Galvez Beauty Café have that retro-chic vibe and maintains clean lines and a fresh concept of salon cum café. Even their bathroom is spotless. Upon interviewing the manager, I later learned that no less than Mr. Tony Galvez, the famous hair guru himself had a penchant for interior designing too and he had a personal touch in the interiors done at his cafe. The tissue or table napkin looked artistic and fashionable too. 

Books and magazines are free to read.

I have tried their Mango Crazze (Php169.00) paired with their hot caramel macchiato. I was amazed at the cake’s ability to remain spongy and flaky and perfectly crumbly. You know just too well that it’s freshly baked. The layers were rich, buttery and delicious. Not overly sweet, just a hint of tangy goodness and great contrast of texture. Coffee is equally delicious and highly recommended. It was straight up phenomenal. I no longer wonder why it had become one of their best sellers. The simple caramel macchiato tastes like their most expensive drink in terms of care and attention. It’s definitely not for the weak because it’s somewhat strong and bold in taste and the perfect afternoon or morning pick-me-up. The only thing to watch for which could be habit forming was—Tony Galvez Beauty Café might just be the perfect place for night owls or late night study sessions.

The lovely table napkin
Red velvet cakes

Caramel Macchiatto

Choco Fudge Mocha

Mango Crazze

Grilled Ensaymada

Inside was gooey cheese galore!
Golden Bun

On a hot, humid day the first thing I ever wanted was a chocolate cake, it sounded perfect, and it was. I’ve ordered Francizze Rocca (Php169.00), dark chocolate cake with almond bits. The cake was a decadent little bite. It’s very light, which is perfect. I’ve also tried their Golden Bun (Php90.00), dark chocolate coated glazed rice crispies with cranberries. 

Francizze Rocca

Friendly and prompt service. No wait at all and lots of places to sit, especially when compared to nearby coffee shops. I’d definitely come here more often if I were still in school.

The space is cute and pretty, and I could definitely see myself hunkering down with a cup of coffee, a fresh pastry, and some work for an afternoon.  There's a nice assortment of loose-leaf teas available, as well as more substantial food. Tony Galvez Beauty Café is well on its way to being my new neighborhood fave! I actually thought I was just going to stop in to grab a quick cup of coffee but then I saw pastries. Wow. I wanted to order those cute little cakes right away and sample them because everything looked so great. I went home with two small boxes of small cakes. The results were unanimous…everyone loved the cakes I took home. But I especially enjoyed the grilled ensaymada. With the aroma of grilled ensaymada wafting in the air, I knew it will be my ultimate favorite. My nephew Kyle said that the ensaymada was extra super special because it was excellent and he gave it two thumbs up. He was so impressed.

 Overall, I really like the décor and ambiance of Tony Galvez Beauty Café. It is simple but modern, with adorable succulents at each table. I also love the variety of pastries and cakes to choose from. Thank you for re-opening this warm spot in a deprived part of Cubao. The service and staff is friendly and very efficient. I hope to be heading here for a long time to come. The coffee + pastries were fantastic and I have to rate their brew over others in the area. I’ll definitely be back…probably tomorrow.

Tony Galvez Beauty Café is located at the Tony Galvez Centrum, 9th Avenue, near SM Cubao, Cubao, Quezon City. Call them at (02) 911-6991. Operating hours is at 10AM-10PM (Mondays-Saturdays/ But on Sundays they are open until 6PM only). They have free wifi connection too and electrical outlets where you can charge all your gadgets. 


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