Thursday, July 16, 2015

Xilaimen Seafood Restaurant Food Review at Robinsons Magnolia

Xilaimen Seafood Restaurant Operations Manager Ms. Andrea Joyce Ng-Wen

Xilaimen means Happiness in Chinese. This newly opened seafood restaurant is located at the al fresco dining area of Robinsons Magnolia in New Manila, Quezon City. They were from the same people that brought us one of the best Chinese cuisine based chain of restaurants, King Bee. I guess the only difference is that Xilaimen caters more on the upscale market. We were privileged to receive an invitation from a fellow foodie to try what Xilaimen Seafood Restaurant has to offer.

Mixed Seafood with Polonchay Soup

Dishes were neatly served either in humble pot or large plates, looking every bit the Chinese food that we all know and love. Half-hungry, half-intrigued, I succumbed to the mouthwatering invitation of the exotic Spicy Frog Legs sautéed in fried garlic and lots of chili. It wasn’t my first time to eat frogs. I’ve had Betute (stuffed frogs) before. But this is the first time I’ve had the legs alone. In the midst of my scrumptious recollections, I’ve moved on to the other food fare on our table: cold cuts, mixed seafood and polonchay soup (it was a great soup to start off our meal!)

Fresh Pineapple Shake

Lapu-Lapu in Egg White

Elephant Shell with Broccoli Flower in XO Sauce

Yang Chow Fried Rice

The Pan Fried Prawns with Salted Egg which reminds me of my experience eating shrimps in yet another restaurant I’ve tried. The lapu-lapu in egg white was a revelation, I did not expect I’d be liking it since it had thinly sliced tangy lemon rinds. Lechon Macau was well…sooo good! How do I find this well-loved, crowd-pulling specialty? I snapped and searched for the right words to say, but I ended up with one—delicious! I just knew that my face was able to say all the right words that I wanted to say but couldn’t come out of my mouth. 
Spicy Frog Legs

Pan Fried Prawns with Salted Egg

Lechon Macau
Sate Fried Crabs with Sotanghon

Mixed Fruits platter

Sate Fried Crabs with Sotanghon was also unbelievably divine! It had that sweet and spicy sate taste that makes me want to ask for more. Oooops, I know I’m not supposed to eat as much since it’s not good for one’s health when consumed in so much amount. The Elephant Shell with Broccoli  Flower in XO sauce was also a hit! Pair all the viands served with Xilaimen’s Yangchow Fried Rice, and you’re sure to satiate even the most discriminating palate. We’ve washed them down with a glass of fresh pineapple shake. For desserts, we’ve had their Almond Jelly and Golden Pie. They were perfect to cap off our meal.

Almond Jelly

Golden Pie

Xilaimen Seafood Restaurant had a plethora of mouthwatering Chinese fare. Everyone in our cozy dining table was on a culinary high, enjoying what the in-house chef has prepared for us that night. I swear that everything was prepared with love and cooked using nothing but the finest of ingredients.

Before our night officially wrapped up, the gracious manager of Xilaimen Seafood Restaurant,  Ms. Andrea Joyce Ng-Wen says, “Xilaimen means happiness in Chinese and this is what we want for the customers to experience whenever they dine in at our restaurant. An ambiance of joy as they enter the restaurant.”She added,  “Not only with the restaurant but with the food that is served as well. By doing so, it makes the food experience more fun and enjoyable, more enticing for everyone to go back and have an exquisite dining experience.”

Now, I’m kind of regretting not bringing a date that night. It would have been more fun to enjoy such awesome dinner with someone special. Now, excuse me as I look for a date to enjoy sumptuous meals at Xilaimen Seafood Restaurant the next time I come for a visit.
There are plenty of reasons to visit Xilaimen Seafood Restaurant. Xilaimen Seafood Restaurant is located at the Upper Ground Floor, Al Fresco, Robinsons Magnolia, New Manila, Quezon City with telephone number (02) 720-97-25.


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