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I've discovered Kuse Traditional Filipino Cuisine Restaurant through the invitation of a good friend. Kuse for non-Filipino speakers refer to the local chef. Kuse's menu showcases traditional Filipino cuisine but with some distinct twists that's sure to delight their guests' palate. Kuse has a homier and casual dining place to begin with. It's a perfect palce for people to come not only for special occasions but also each time they crave for complex Filipino food. It's like coming home to your old grandma's house in the province where comfort foods are served.

Kuse takes its dining delights to greater heights by giving diners an even more satisfying meal. Presenting an exciting mix of innovative dishes, classic cuisine, comfort foods with a twist. Kuse brings delectable gustatory possibilities to anticipate the craving of any foodie. Still evoking the Chefs Quarter signature style of degustation-like choices and some servings that seek to entice and gratify.

Adding more pleasure to an even satisfying meal are the interiors. The subdued earthen toned walls and warm terracotta with bamboo brown and greens evokes artistic decor. With comfy wooden chairs to match the native setting, the pleasure does not end there.

I like Kuse's take on new Filipino cuisine featuring such local ingredients such as Visayan Vinegar, banana blossoms, fern leaves, among others. Kuse's chefs worked intimately and expertly with local ingredients and it was evident, serving only fresh ingredients in a way both clever and surprising: their creme brulee on top of mashed sweet potato and purple yam was such a hit! Their fern salad with buffalo white cheese and salted eggs as well as Adobong Kuhol sa Gata (Stewed Golden Apple Snail or escargot in Coconut Cream). 

Yes, the local version of the French escargot may not exactly enjoy the elite status of its counterpart, being more of a food for the masses. Adobong Kuhol at Kuse is a very delicious and appetizing meal with the snail itself having a very tender and almost creamy taste.

Adobong Kuhol sa Gata
 Our first bite into what I now declare as culinary heaven came in the form of Adobong Kuhol sa Gata. I did not feel bad at all for having eaten so much.

Their selction of salads will make you want to turn vegan, but only for about a second because a serving of Crispy Pata will reunite you with your meat-loving carnevorous self.  Don't forget the Kare-kare with Bagoong (fish paste)! Melt in your mouth ox tail, peanut-buttery taste and crunchy half cooked veggies!

Dulong Rice

Creamy peanut buttery Kare-kare.

The star of the table: Crispy Pata!

 A hearty serving of  warm, moist Crispy Pata. special dark sauce to drizzle it with and a bed of healthy tomato and chili finger slices salsa to go with it--it's a simple comfort food that never fails to hit the spot. Fill up your belly and instantly fall in love with the unexpected fusion of flavors. This best selling dish is definitely worth lining up for (if you have to wait for your seats).

Mini Ukoy with Visayan Sauce

Inihaw na Bangus (Grilled Milkfish)

Finally, the sweetest of endings, Kuse, for all its entree's worth need only bait me with its impossibly sinful desserts to get me coming back for more. Banana Langka Filo with Caramel Sauce will render you speechless the entire time you're eating. if only to savor every single bite. Disguised as Lumpiang Shanghai, these "turon" or filo rolls is the perfect way to cap off your meal.

Banana Langka Filo Rolls

The Creme Brulee Sapin-Sapin is pure indulgence. There are simply no words.

A new way to eat Sapin-sapin: Creme Brulee with sweet potato and purple yam

Indeed, Kuse has all the key ingredients needed in that much sought-after recipe for success: excellent service at its finest, invogorating dining experiences for all senses giving diners a sudden boost of inspiration, as we catch a glimpse of what it feels like, to find one's bliss even through a hearty meal.

KUSE are located in three different branches:

KUSE at Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill (836-49-69)
Operating Hours: 10am-11pm, Monday to Sunday
Seating capacity: 50 persons

KUSE at Lucky Chinatown Mall, Binondo, Manila (708-9576)
Operating Hours: 10am-10pm, Monday to Sunday
Seating capacity: 70 persons

KUSE at Eton Centris Walk, Quezon City (709-9817)
Operating Hours: 11am-11pm, Monday to Sunday
Seating capacity: 90 persons

Security Blanket thanks Ms. Nana Nadal and Ms. Michelle.

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