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Delectable cupcakes from Baked.

BAKED, an up-and-coming online store that sells a selection of delectable treats was born out of necessity and hobby; to become a family bonding activity among sisters and most importantly become an outlet where their passion to eat something healthy, with occasional sweet indulgences of course.

Using natural and fresh ingredients, Baked's culinary team composed of three sisters together with their Mom started the business whipping up mouthwatering baked goodies from their very own kitchen. From cakes, pies, muffins, breads to their best selling cupcakes--everything that they offer are a must-try, with varieties such as Red Velvet, Blackout Chocolate, Coconut Snowball, Dirty Harry, Cookies and Cream--are among the list of many others.

Aside from being pretty to look at, these delicious desserts and pastries make for a sweet way to cap off every meal or a family feast. Chocolate is probably the ultimate dessert, and there's no better place to get your cocoa fix than Baked's.

Sisters behind Baked: Ericka, Richelle and Maricor.

Inspired by the siblings passion in the kitchen, Baked opened last year as a cupcake supplier to a coffee and tea shop. Thanks to their clients' positive feedback, they now sell their heavenly baked goodies online where clients have an option for either pickup or delivery.

Desserts are made using only the finest ingredients and are  guaranteed to be preservative-free, to boot. Security Blanket gets a good case of sugar rush in trying out Baked famous cupcakes. Here's my verdict:

Dirty Harry--Filled with dessicated coconut, Dirty Harry may deceive your eyes for it looks so plain and simple but you'll be in for a surprise upon first bite. It had a perfect balance of choco cream frosting with the natural sweetness of coconut bits--all these exploding textures and flavors in its every bite.

Want to try something new? If your usual chocolate, vanilla and mocha cupcakes doesn't tickle your fancy, Baked's Citrus Burst offers the perfect balance of sweet fresh oranges and butterless fresh cream frosting that's rich and smooth--giving you something new to enjoy. It had that fresh citrusy and tangy zest that'll excite and clean your palate.

Blackout Chocolate in Purple Frosting--The color itself is enough to make me salivate. I love purple. What with rainbow bits sprinkled on top, I know this cupcake looks so enticing. And you can never go wrong because it's filled with buttercream frosting and moisted chocolates on the inside. Finally an indulgent dessert for most chocolate fans. Bringing home a little piece of confectionary heaven with its soft creme ganache type of texture plus it tastes so heavenly. La Dolce Vita in a cupcake! Give in to this sweet temptation. Just thanks God for this gift from heaven.

Baked's cupcakes are flavorful but light. It will make ordinary cupcakes fold in shame. Enjoy the comfort that  Baked cupcakes can bring. Bite into delectable chunks and delight in its creamy goodness with layers of frosting on a soft and moist chiffon cupcake. It's guaranteed to make your day, no matter what! Their rich cupcakes are extremely addictive and impossible to resist, especially for chocolate fans.

You can't help but adore this gooey-lip smacking peanut butter brittle treat that leaves traces of chocolatey mess on your fingers. Coarsely crushed brittles make every chocolate and peanut butter lover smile with this yummy cupcake. No child can resist the crunchyness of its topping and the vibrant colors of the classic candy toppings. The sprinkling of brittle nuts provides an interesting  touch and flavor. You'll love the contrast between sweet and salty.

Baked has been an online buzz for both teens and adults alike. Baked is managed by three sisters namely Richelle, Maricor and Ericka with some help from their Mom. The youngest, Ericka is the brain behind the dainty online business. "It was really her idea. It was her brainchild, even the names of each products," says Maricor, the equally bright middle sister.  Ericka is  actually the one manning behind the kitchen and budding marketer for developing relevant marketing strategies while Maricor have contributed to the progress of Baked in relation to selling and deliveries.

In a span of twelve months, they were able to generate thousands of likes on their Facebook fan page, with consistently growing interaction with their customers. "We're very happy and grateful that people find time to actually post in our Facebook wall," says Maricor of the warm reception from their growing community of food lovers.

With cupcvake stores sprouting like mushrooms, it must be difficult to swim with the current but Baked considers it a challenge. "We're not just cupcakes. We're a bakery and confectionary.We have cupcakes, breads, pies, cookies, pastries and made-to-order cakes as well," claims Maricor.

The three sisters did not study culinary though, but sharing a passion for cooking and baking led them to this business. "Baked was able to make our mark online and the products are based on the ones that we like and the ones we actually bake and eat at home," reveals Maricor.

Baked's business is indeed a reflection of their lifestyle because it's almost an extension of their home. Quality, passion + sisterly love can easily synonimize the tasting as one takes a bite of their classic cupcakes.

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Special thanks to Baked sisters Ericka and Maricor.

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