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Biwon's Chapchae tastes delightful!

Foodies need not travel to South Korea to have their fill of authentic Korean food fare such as Bulgogi Samgyupsal or Wookoji-tang because there’s actually a place where you can all get these Korean favorites in the metro, you simply had to look at their signage in Edsa Extension (along Pasay, between Taft Avenue MRT and SM Mall of Asia).  New Biwon Korean Restaurant is located on the ground floor of Coretown building, on the corner of P. Celle Street in Pasay City.

Sweet and spicy pork.

True to its name, Biwon  (it literally meant “secret garden”) could be easily missed if you have been looking too far. That’s why it could really be a Korean “secret” among Korean visitors in the country and I am pretty sure they are familiar with the said restaurant. So isn’t it about time that Filipinos (especially those who enjoy Korean cuisines) get to learn this tiny little Korean secret garden called Biwon?
Korea's classic Kimchi.

Salad Korean style.
As they say, “We eat with our eyes first.” Well, Biwon is pretty aware that it serves good food that’s not only appetizing but also good to look at. Some of the items on the menu are quite interesting: Osam Bulgogi (mixed seafood in special spicy sauce cooked right before you), Korean’s version of shrimp tempura, plus the array of what seemed like Korean side dishes in their special sauces including Kimchi in red chili paste.
Pork Jowl cooked right before you.

Ms. Tina Hong-Garcia, Biwon’s owner says she takes pride in her Korean Chef because he never takes shortcuts and never sacrificing quality for profit. Thus, all his creations speak for themselves.
Great for Shabu-shabu.

Owner Ms. Tina Hong-Garcia and Korean Chef.

Dining at Biwon is indeed a pleasure. From entering the door to the ecru interiors splashed with some Korean paintings and accents, it’s as if you were transported in some quaint Korean home.
Seafood Pancakes

Kimchi aside, the things I loved most at Biwon were the beef bulgogi (you have an option whether to have them cooked right before your very eyes), samgyupsal (Korean pork jowl wrapped in green lettuce or other green leaves served with Hoisin-like special Korean sauce and salt and pepper oil) that tastes like pork bacon and grilled before you, and Japchae (Korean glass noodles with sesame oil and some veggies and special sauce) was excellent—not too oily and too sweet, just right. The Haemol Jeon (seafood egg pancake with onion leeks) tastes even better than what I had in other Korean restaurants I had ever been into. They were well made, priced reasonably and consistent.

Comforting beef soup called Wookoji-tang.

We also had the beef stew soup (wookoji-tang) was tender and flavorful. The lettuce on the samgyupsal was fresh and crispy. It complements the charred taste of pork jowl. The bulgogi broth had the best beef flavor essence you can imagine. The pork bacon or pork jowl is one of the sort high qualities you’ve come to expect from authentic Korean restaurants. It actually amazes me that Biwon does all these things without leaving a hole in your pocket.
What truly captivates me about Biwon is their promise of being able to travel through Korea without leaving your seat, of course with the help of their menus filled with dishes that will surely leave you wandering along the images of Korean soap opera, the only thing that’s missing is your hot date which has to be or some K-Pop superstar.
Samgyupsal with lettuce.

New Biwon Korean Restaurant is located at the Ground Floor of Core Town Building, 2822 EDSA EXT. Corner P. Celle St. Pasay City. Call 551-2118 or 834-7576 for more details.
Security Blanket thanks Ms. Tina Hong-Garcia, Ms. Hershey and Ms. Leira Pagaspas.
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