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The facade of Baja Mexican Cantina at Greenbelt 3

Most of us have preconceived notions that Greenbelt 3 establishments are mostly made up of high-end or upscale fine dining but having recently discovered Baja Mexican Cantina among the rows of posh restaurants proved this false. Run by friends who believe in quality, good food + affordable comfort foods, Baja Mexican Cantina is an establishment that feature wonderful Mexican dining experience straight from the heart.

While I have admittedly snubbed Mexican cuisine before I was pleasantly surprised by my recent experience as I dined at Baja Mexican Cantina. The marinated and grilled pork chop was nice and charred. The U.S. beef were also quite yummy and the old plain salsa had a different twist as Baja’s roasted tomato salsa turned out to be a smoky winner!

With homey interiors that's sure to please guests.
Please yourself with the abundance of Mexican food. The choose your own filling concept was really helpful—it’s great for the picky eaters as you can have your say burrito or tacos just the way you like it. Burritos, fajitas, enchiladas, quesadillas, chimichangas, and hard and soft tacos are just some of the Mexican fare that awaits diners at Baja Mexican Cantina.
Huge tortilla sizes for sharing!

Beef Quesadillas with roasted tomatoes.
Those with big appetite can indulge in their special Grande meals—A choice of any the following (good for 2-3 persons per order): Super Grande Burrito—all of 12 inches soft tortilla with 1 kilo of chicken, Mexican beef, rice, beans, veggies, (tomatoes, onions, nacho chips, lettuce, refried beans, cilantro, Mexican rice and cheese) sour cream and guacamole; Grande Tortilla Caesar Salad—a whopping tortilla with add ons like chicken, beef or pulled pork; Chili Taco Salad—huge taco in cup shape with veggies, cheese and a dash of spice!
Chili fries with sour cream and guacamole.

Their own mad guacamole makes a huge difference.

Chili Taco Salad can be enjoyed by two to three persons.

The dishes are cooked and presented in a way that whets the appetite of even those unfamiliar with the sight and aroma of even the most intimidating ingredients of Mexican cuisine. The spice level is mild enough to be enjoyed by everyone. If you want the dish to be uber-spicy, there’s a hot sauce (exclusively made by Baja chefs) available—and gladly whip up a fiery dish on your own.
For the health conscious, fish tacos are your best bet.

Porkchop with mango salsa and rice.
You’d also be glad to know that there are French fries, ½ pound classic burger, nachos and queso fondido (melted cheese served with warm tortilla triangles) on the menu—these are the kind of stuff your kids will surely love. For the health conscious, there are crispy fish fillet tacos, grilled boneless chickens served with mango salsa and rice, and for the vegan, all-veggie tacos.

Super Grande Burrito tops my list.

My favorite Nachos and sour cream.
Expertly spiced, fully aromatic and incredibly filling and satisfying meals coupled with nice interiors and homey ambiance, it’s no surprise that Baja Mexican Cantina is a prime spot for dining in large groups at Greenbelt 3 and had its own loyal clientele since its opening in 2009.
Even their drinks such as Frozen Iced Tea are huge.

See this huge burrito filled with fillings.

Strawberry shake in natural fruit juice.
Diners are assured that each dish on Baja Mexican Cantina offers a delectable taste of authentic Mexican. It’s such a place where all your Mexican food cravings are satisfied.
Should you wish to experience the luxury of Mexican dining, visit Baja Mexican Cantina, located at the 3rd Floor of Greenbelt 3, Ayala Mall, Ayala Center, Makati City. You could also order through delivery service at 87878. Call them at 903-6713 or 756-0127. Like them on Facebook: Baja Mexican Cantina and follow them on Twitter: @BajaGB3
Spicy Tortilla Soup seeps in the spice!

Security Blanket thanks Leira Pagaspas, Ms. Hershey, Ms. Cristina Garcia, and Baja Mexican Cantina.
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