Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Salu Restaurant Celebrates 1st Anniversary + Introduced Innovative Dishes to Try!

I know what you’re thinking: What’s so different about Salu Filipino restaurant from other establishments that serve Filipino dishes? They serve undeniably the best of Filipino dishes [literally from the Northern part of Luzon going all the way down to the Southern part of Mindanao] under one roof. Yes, you're reading that right. Salu owners, celebrity couple Romnick Sarmenta [Romeo Nicolas Sarmenta Tejedor in real life] and Harlene Bautista painstakingly went to travel each Philippine island to explore, discover and learn the best of Filpino recipes from the locals themselves. 

Salu Filipino Restaurant recently celebrated their first year anniversary. In a short span of one year, Salu was able to create awesome new dishes with surprising twists that would be part of their menu as well as other exciting things that customers can look forward to.

For one, they had this "Luto Ni Nanay' concept. Imagine coming home to your very own Nanay [be it your Abuela or grandma, or even your own Mom] cooking at Salu for your family. Yes, they've made it possible here at Salu. So you'll get the ambiance of a restaurant yet still have that comfort food you've grown to love at Salu lovingly prepared by your own mom. Salu had their resident chefs ready to assist your Mom if you choose the 'Luto Ni Nanay' concept. 

As if the 'Luto Ni Nanay' concept wasn't enough, Salu is also offering budget-friendly group meals that you, your family and your friends will definitely enjoy. They have what they call The Pilipinas Platter, for only Php7107, a group of 15-30 can enjoy the different best tasting dishes that the entire Philippine archipelago can offer. They've got the best dishes from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. And you certainly don't need to go far to be able to savor the goodness that each islands can offer. 

Now if you'd rather choose the Luzon Menu, you can have them for Php2,000 only. It consists of the following dishes: Sinaing na Tulingan [from Batangas], Ilocos Pakbet, Adobo sa Gata, Kare-kare Pampanga, Tawilis, Kakanin platter and Tanglad Kamote juice. 

Luzon Menu

Luzon Menu

Visayas Menu

For the Visayas Menu, it's sold at Php2,200 [a little bit expensive than the Luzon menu]. It consists of Inasal [from Bacolod], Sugbang Pork, Balbacua, Salu Salad, Nilasing na Hipon, Kakanin Platter, Plain White rice and Tanglad Kamote juice. 

Visayas Menu

Mindanao Menu

For the Mindanao Menu which costs Php2,500, it has Beef Kulma, Tiyula Itim, Pyangang, Dineng-deng, Utak-utak, Kakanin Platter, Plain White rice and Tanglad Kamote. 

Mindanao Menu

Salu also has what they call as Pande Salu, these are pan de sal [bread] with different fillings. They could be adobo, laing, kaldereta, menudo, among many other viands used as filling on their freshly baked pan de salu. They're perfect baons and are often ordered for takeouts. 

Pande-Salu with different fillings

But if you ask me, what became my instant perk me up or feel-good food when I recently dined at Salu would certainly be their Ginataang Santol [Scientific name:Sandoricum koetjape]  I can't help but remember how it had managed to titillate my palate. Imagine a fusion of flavors dancing on your tongue: sourness, sweetness, saltyness and some chewy santol totally rocking your world! 

You will never go wrong with Gatang Santol from Salu

Oh, and did I mention their Civet Coffee? They're perfect to cap off your meal after eating those group platters/meals I had mentioned above.

Delicious Civet Coffee from Salu

For a fun dessert, you can order any of these two: Durian Cake or Taho flavored cheesecake. Need I say more about their taste? I bet, you must be drooling by now...

Salu's Taho Cheesecake
Salu's Durian Cake

Purple Plum Fairy with Salu owners, celebrities Harlene Bautista and Romnick Sarmenta

Purple Plum Fairy thanks Salu owners Mr. Romnick Sarmenta [who by the way still looks a dapper up to now that people who come to visit their resto couldn't help but have their picture taken with him] and his wife, Ms. Harlene Bautista for having me on their restaurant's first opening and also to their anniversary. Congratulations and I look forward on visiting your restaurant again soon! 

Salu Filipino Restaurant is located at 26B Scout Fernandez Street corner Scout Torillo Street, Barangay Sacred Heart, Quezon City. For reservations and inquiries, please call (02) 921-2448.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 


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