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7 Flavors Buffet Food Review: Indulge in an eat-all-you-can-style of feast in the heart of San Juan City

7 Flavors Buffet Restaurant in San Juan

If you’re an avid foodie like me, I suppose you’ll be able to relate to the sheer excitement I get from seeing rows and rows of sumptuous good eats lined up before your eyes.
For me, what I love most about buffets is not just the freedom I have to savour as much good food as I can, but also the moment of mindless and passionate indulgence in the selection of good food that befall my eyes. This is especially gratifying when the buffet spread belongs to one of my favourite cuisines of gourmet delight.

Photos and a life sized standee of Celebrity chef Boy Logro will welcome you upon your arrival

Downstairs is 7 Flavors Buffet Cafe

The 7 Flavors Buffet Cafe is reminiscent of the typical Korean coffee shop
I believe that each of us has our preference for our favourite cuisine of good eats. So here’s my guide on when you visit 7 Flavors Buffet restaurant in San Juan which is partly owned by celebrity chef Boy Logro. Why is it named 7 Flavors? The 7 Flavors refers to the 7 different flavours namely: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, spicy, astringent, and umami. 7 Flavors tend to focus on foods that will give you all the above flavours. Their dishes range from Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, American, Spanish and Filipino cuisines. I’m sure you’re kind of curious what this restaurant can offer to gratify your gourmet pleasure. So read on and join me in my culinary eating adventure at 7 Flavors Buffet…

The seats at the buffet upstairs are spic and span
7 Flavors Buffet features a master chef concoct with an array of Asian, Western and Pacific cuisine. The restaurant literally exhibits a culinary tour and dining experience for us, upon visit. Special themed nights are also available such as videoke nights on Fridays. 

The buffet spread of dishes isn’t much extensive, but nonetheless very satisfying. The premium roast section, Japanese sushi, as well as mouth-watering desserts are sure to satisfy your craving for the day. Indeed, there’s always something delectable in store for your different cravings on various days of the week.

Homecooked Beef Kare-kare

Roast Beef
 Here at 7 Flavors, the dining area is furnished with a modern style of display. The menu offers a selection of stylish bites conjured by a team of creative chefs. I can say that the restaurant is constantly bustling with activity, throughout the day.
Japanese assorted maki rolls

Fish Fillet
 The buffet spread showcases an array of culinary delights that reflects international cuisine. Diners are spoilt for choice, with the availability of Chinese delicacies, exquisite Japanese, hearty Western, healthy salads and savoury desserts.
Lechon Macau

Chicken ala Pobre

Pancit Canton
 Not forgetting the local dishes, 7 Flavors Buffet is well-known for Filipino dishes. Prepared with meticulous effort by chefs in-house, the buffet menu here is a vivid reflection of our local gourmet paradise.
Salmon Head Teriyaki

Seafood Marinara

Soup and bread section

Salad section

DIY Tacos Section
 The Tacos offered here are of quality flavour and taste, compared this particular cuisine offered at other buffet restaurants. Hence if you are a fan of tacos, 7 Flavors is a suggested place for you to indulge in as-much-as-you-can eat platters of these treats.

7 Flavors' Best seller: Tacos
 Do not leave 7 Flavors Buffet without sampling their homemade Tacos at their DIY Taco section. The taco shells remain crispy even after really long exposure to air or temperature. The filling are specially spiced with the best of Mexican flavors. It gives your palate something to be happy at. I swear, you should try this otherwise, your visit to 7 Flavors Buffet will never be complete without trying their specilaty tacos. 

Fruit carvings

Carrot cupcakes

DIY Halo Halo

Coffee Jelly and Buko Pandan jellies in shot glasses

My Mom, Purple Plum Fairy and good friend, Marian Torres

Overall, with much greenery around and designed based off agriculture, 7 Flavors Buffet on hotel-cum-Korean café-and- pocket--garden concept is looking to turn some heads. They are ready to serve a spread of Asian flavours and contemporary international favourites in a lively and comfortable mood.
So before you dine at 7 Flavors Buffet, get ready to indulge in a plethora of local and a few international delights with some cultural influences of the 7 major flavours.

7 Flavors Buffet is located at 196 A. Mabini Street, San Juan City.
Opening hours 7 AM to 11 PM
Phone numbers: (02) 503-6750 or (02) 721-0653 
Lunch- 11 AM to 2:30 PM | Mondays – Thursdays (P400)
Lunch- 11 AM to 2:30 PM | Fridays - Sundays (P600)
Dinner- 5:30 PM to 10 PM | Mondays- Thursdays (P500)
Dinner- 5:30 PM to 10 PM | Fridays - Sundays (P600)

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are my own. 


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