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Hainanese Delights Re-Opens at Robinson's Galleria

Hainanese Delights Best Selling Hainanese Chicken

Hainanese Chicken Rice comes from the Chinese subtropical island of Hainan and many of the sons and daughters of Hainan migrated to Singapore. The most-popular dish of Hainan is the Chicken Rice in which a chicken is used in all ways — poached for the meat, the soup is used to make a deliciously flavoured rice and to also infuse the chili sauce. Thus, Hainanese Chicken has become one of Singapore’s top loved dishes. I have long discovered this awesome Singaporean specialty dish at Hainanese Delights at Robinson's Galleria in Ortigas. I could vividly recall the very first time I had eaten this dish and I was blown away because it was so good.  The only caution is to go easy on the chili and ginger sauce to make the dish more enjoyable. (I'm a chili fan so I used a lot of ginger and chili so you can probably imagine the intense heat because I was perspiring while eating!) 

The well-lit new Hainanese Delights at Robinson's Galleria

I love the simplicity of boiling/soaking chicken in the broth (water). I made Hainanese style chicken several times and my family loved it. However, the preparation itself will require much patience, from gathering all the necessary ingredients because you also had to have minced ginger, spring onion oil condiment and use store bought dark sweet soy sauce to give the dish some nice contrast down to the chicken fat trimmings—it takes so much of your time. So each time we’d like to crave and enjoy Hainanese Chicken, we look no further, Hainanese Delights is the place to go!

I also like the 'welcoming vibe' that Hainanese Delights sends off to their customers. Sans the glass wall, it gives a rather much 'homey' impression. This is better than the old one they've had. 
The Unlimited Chicken Rice at Hainanese Delights
Deep Fried Hainanese Chicken with deliciously good sauce that goes well with their unlimited rice

Hainanese Delights offers two different kinds of chicken--Hainanese Classic Chicken dish and Hainanese Fried Chicken. Both dishes are  fantastic. They also make a really good broth. The chicken was cooked just right, the taste subtle and clean. The rice was rich and sinful. The chili sauce hot and fresh.

Hainanese Delights Laksa Seafood Soup

I absolutely love their Chicken Rice moist chicken breast meat and their crunchy Radish cake dipped in vinegar.  I’d also say the same mmmm yummy goodness to their  Spicy Fried Squid (called Eat the Heat). Highly recommended would have to be their Tofu Terrific—large cubes of tofu immersed in deliciously sweet soy sauce concoction. Oh, and please do not forget to order their deep fried mantao. Paired with their Laksa Noodle Soup, the mantao perfectly goes well with the Laksa’s flavourful seafood curry and coconut milk based soup. 

Hainanese Delights Mantao bread with Laksa Seafood Soup
The surprisingly delicious crunchy radish cake

Tofu Terrific

Eat the Heat: Spicy Fried Squid with Onions and Chilies 

Another deep fried tofu dish with veggies
Hainanese Delights Fish Fillet
If Chicken isn't exactly your thing, you could try this huge Pork Chop

The Chili and Sweet Soy Sauce
If you're like me who couldn't get enough of their ginger oil sauce and chili sauce, I've got good news for you, they are now made available in small bottles which you could purchase and bring home! Also worth mentioning would be their bottled ginger tea which tastes just as good. I've had tasted it during the Hainanese Delights grand re-opening, and I swear it is a whole lot better than my good 'ol salabat tea powder at home. 

Hainanese Delights in Robinsons Galleria is the first of the 15 branches in the country since its launch last February 14, 2012. Mr. Pierre Ching and Ms. Sheila Ong-Ching, owners of Hainanese Delights are planning to open more branches this year and they are also open for franchise. 

Of course, I'd like to encourage everyone to come and visit Hainanese Delights at Robinson's Galleria as well as their other branches to know what I'm talking about here. I suggest you guys should try it for yourselves. I guarantee, they won't put a hole in your pocket. Prices are affordable without sacrificing its quality. Just a word of advice though, don't expect  Hainanese Delights to be as authentic as the ones being served in Singapore. Mr. Valentino Enriquez, Hainanese Delights General Manager had explained that they had to twist (just a bit) the recipes on their menu to suit the  discriminating Filipino palate. 

Hainanese Delights are located at the following areas:

·         Cybergate Cebu
·         East Wood City Walk 2
·         Fishermall, Quezon City
·         Robinsons Forum, Mandaluyong
·         Robinsons Las Pinas
·         Robinsons Magnolia, Quezon City
·         Robinsons Malolos, Bulacan
·         Robinsons Metro East, Pasig
·         Robinsons Otis, Paco Manila

·         Robinsons Pangasinan

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