Sunday, March 1, 2015

Jollibee Welcomes the Summer Heat with Reese's Mix-Ins and Cookies and Cream Shake

Summer is just around the corner as we could already feel the sweltering heat. Vacation isn't just the only thing that we could look forward to this summer. Jollibee makes sure that we're all set and ready to beat the summer heat as it introduces another exciting and refreshing dessert treats via Reese's Mix-Ins and Cookies and Cream Shake!

The secret is finally revealed! Fans of Reese's chocolate will definitely crave for Jollibee's Reese's Mix-Ins. It brings together creamy vanilla soft-serve ice cream and the #1 chocolate peanut butter cup in the world in one rich cup of pure summer delight. Indulge in another sweet summer surprise from Jollibee with creamy vanilla soft-serve, milk and crushed cookies for a delectable treat. 

For only Php45 each, Jollibee Reese's Mix-Ins and Cookies and Cream Shake are certainly summer's most refreshing and affordable dessert treats. The Reese's Mix-Ins is available as an add-on to your favorite langhap-sarap Value meals for only Php35. While the Cookies and Cream Shake is available as a Value Meal upgrade for only only Php25. 

Make everyday summer adventures more exciting as you satiate your sweet tooth with these delightful dessert from Jollibee. Enjoy the creaminess of the new Jollibee Reese's Mix-Ins and Cookies and Cream Shake. Hurry! It's going to be available for a limited time only and available at all Jollibee outlets nationwide starting today, March 2, 2015! 

With these two special sweet treats from Jollibee, you're ready to embrace the debilitating heat of summer. All you need to find is a good hammock or a nice beach where you can spend one lazy day while sipping a cup of Jollibee Cookies and Cream Shake or taking spoonfuls of Jollibee Reese's Mix-Ins!


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