Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Kimukatsu: Home of Flavored Katsu + 25 Layered Pork Cutlet

Upon arriving at Kimukatsu, I knew right away that I'm bound for some Japanese dishes the minute I saw the Samurai Sword and soldier outside the door. But I was still surprised to learn that they serve seven different flavors of tonkatsu here, namely: Plain (Standard Kimukatsu), Cheese (filled with savory cheddar cheese), Negi Shio (Spring Onion flavor), Yuzu Kosho (Japanese taste of Yuzu fruits and green chili pepper), Ume Shiso (Sour Plum Shiso Leaf), Garlic (Minced Garlic Kimukatsu) and my ultimate favorite, Black Pepper (Coated with high-grade black pepper). 

What makes Kimukatsu extra special? They had what they call as "mille feuille"--thinly sliced kind of pork folded over many times. Such delicate layering concept had made them famous for their 25-layered select pork cutlet. I love the fact that Kimukatsu flavors stretched from the inside to the outside of the katsu. 

The Yuzu Kosho had that mild spicy kick that grows slowly and becomes more intense as you eat it. The Cabbage Salad goes well with the goma dressing. There were three  choices for the dipping sauce: pink Himalayan salt, sesame seed/tonkatsu and Ponzu sauce. 

Kimukatsu's Japanese koshihikari rice (short grain rice) served on insulated wood container  locks the temperature and moisture of the rice. Thus, a fellow food blogger once described them as "shining, shimmering splendid". I had no intention of eating rice during the BHS Food Crawl, but I was glad I did upon the advice of my fellow blogger. The aromatic mound of Japanese rice at Kimukatsu was perfect for whatever choice of tonkatsu. The rice was warm and fluffy. 

The unlimited miso soup were also available in two options/versions: the Shiro (white one) and Akai (red one). White is the standard or sweeter and milky and is said to be for female and children while the red miso soup which is stronger and bolder in terms of taste is believed to be for male. 

Overall, I love Kimukatsu because it shows variety in its tonkatsu flavors. They are bursting with colors and flavors. You have a lot of options. Kimukatsu were fried to perfection--crispy panko coating and deliciously tender meat. 


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