Thursday, October 16, 2014

Goyangjhip Korean Restaurant Food Review in Angeles, Pampanga

What started out as a joyride turned out to be another food trip. That's exactly what happened to us when I've been invited to join my good friend and boss Aileen Nevynny as she tried traversing and exploring the northern part of the country while practicing her driving skills on unfamiliar roads and intersections. We ended up having lunch at Goyangjhip Korean Restaurant in Angeles, Pampanga initially to try on their samgyupsal. 

I was surprised to learn that there's a long stretch of restaurants in that area, particularly those that catered Korean cuisine. The whole stretch would remind one of the bustling Tomas Morato in Quezon City where restaurants abound. Going back to our lunch that day, we were welcomed by the Korean owner of Goyangjhip Restaurant. Of course, I don't understand Korean except for the basic "Annyeoung Haseo!" Although I am a huge fan of their healthy and spicy cuisine. We were served with banchan. These are sets of appetizers/starters which include kimchi, beans sprouts, leeks and other veggies, zucchini etc. 

We had ordered a soup base called Sundubu (Php200) which was made from soy. It actually looked more like grounded tofu. The soup itself was bland if you wouldn't put the special kind of sauce that's served along with it. Goyhangjhip staff patiently explained to us that you need to incorporate the special sauce into the tofu-like mixture to create the Sundubu soup. Along with the special sauce, sundubu tastes good although with hints of chili. 

Next, we've had Jeyukbokgum, another spicy dish made of pork (Php400). This is what I like best with Goyhangjhip, when you order this dish as well as their japchae, you can ask for another serving for FREE. Yes, that's how generous the Korean owners were at Goyhangjhip. In fact, the waitstaff even said proudly, "Ma'am, where else can you find a resto that gives a second serving for free? Only here at Goyhangjhip!" Finding out about that promo, we grabbed the opportunity and ordered their japchae as well. 

Since Aileen wasn't that familiar with Korean foods (she's more into French and Italian as well as other European dishes), she has allowed me to order for this particular lunch. I figured the best way for her to enjoy dining at Korean restaurant was for her to experience samgyupsal. So I had ordered Samgyupsal (Php200). If you're a Korean fandom, you'd know what Samgyupsal is. It's actually a D-I-Y grilling of pork along with other veggies such as onions, garlic, some chili etc. where you put the thin slices of pork into a lettuce and put some gochujang paste and salted sesame oil into it before wrapping it up and taking it into your mouth. Their samgyupsal's also good. The Korean owner instructed the waitstaff to turn the grill off when the meat was at its medium rare. But like most Filipinos who prefer having their meat well-done and hated seeing "pink" on their meat, we said we wanted it a bit overcooked; so the Korean allowed us to cook our meat a little bit more. 

I'm glad Aileen and Kuya Rani (her family friend and driving coach) enjoyed our Koreal lunch at Goyhangjhip. We went back into the road satiated and ready for another joyride. My verdict? The meals at Goyhangjhip was truly affordable and nutritious. Our lunch would be sum it all up into three words--   너무 맛있어요 : neo-mu ma-si-sseo-yo "It's very delicious". So the next time you find yourself in Angeles, Pampanga, you might want to check out Goyhangjhip restaurant. 

For more information about Goyhangjhip Restaurant, you may reach them at 0916-3338608 or call 070-8869-8241.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 


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