Monday, October 13, 2014

Foodies are in for a savory treat with Ministop’s Spam Onion Kariman

During our overnight stay at the Tune Hotel-Quezon City two months ago for a hotel review, I came across another food discovery as we were searching for a decent breakfast since the said hotel accommodation didn't include meals on it. Luckily, Ministop, one of the country's leading and fastest-growing 24/7 convenience store chains was located nearby. Ministop's best-selling Kariman is a personal favorite . I was happy to learn that they are now offering a twist on Filipinos' classic favorite Spam by introducing the Spam Onion Kariman. So instead of getting my usual pizza-flavored Kariman, I bought myself their Spam Onion Kariman curious on what it tastes like. True enough, it did not disappoint me. I had enjoyed it so much. 

The Spam Onion Kariman is made with soft crumbed Kariman bread with Spam bits, caramelized onions, and cheese filling, cooked to crisp crusted golden-brown perfection. Honestly, I'm not really a fan of Spam (although I know that most Filipinos are), but eating this Spam Onion Kariman from Ministop was indeed a sure treat for me. I remember going back to our hotel room with a smile on my face as I munched on the Spam Onion Kariman. It had that somewhat sweet taste due to the caramelized onion and that huge Spam meat flavor that most Pinoys loved. In fact, Ministop's Spam Onion Kariman made me think twice about my abhorrence with Spam. I'd love to eat Spam Onion Kariman again anytime! And for only Php26 per piece, it's enough to fill your tummies. It's perfect for people-on-the-go and those who lead a rather fast-paced lifestyle who wants to satiate their hunger. 

Get your hands on a Spam Onion Kariman for only P26 to get your quick fix of sweet, meaty, and cheesy Kariman goodness. Available at all Ministop branches nationwide.
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