Monday, February 24, 2014

What makes Goto Batangas Different?

Who doesn't love to slurp on steaming hot bowl of goto either as breakfast or as an afternoon merienda (snack)? Goto is somewhat similar in appearance to Arroz Caldo or a Chinese congee since both are made of rice porridge, but they have different ingredients, chicken for Arroz Caldo while it is often ox tripe or pork innards for Goto. Goto is usually eaten with tokwa't baboy (a dish made of fried tofu and pork slices in spicy vinegar) on the side, the two makes a perfect meal as their tastes complement each other. A typical street food in the Philippines, one can find a Gotohan (eatery which serves nothing else but Goto) in almost every corner of the street. But have you ever tried Goto Batangas? If you haven't tried it yet, you're probably missing one hell of a great soup here. 

So what exactly makes Goto Batangas special from the ordinary goto that we've come to know? Well, for one, Goto Batangas is made of beef innards and not pork. It is not made of rice porridge, but simply beef broth alone. It has ginger, onions, and annato (atsuete) to add a dash of orange color. It tastes really divine--easily reminds one of the chicken soup your Grandma or mom serves when you're sick. It really is a comfort food for most Batanguenos (term for locals who hail from Batangas). 

Even if you're not a fan of beef innards, you might have a liking for Batangas' take on Pinoy favorite Goto. It is worth giving it a try because although it may not look that enticing given the fact that it has a beef's internal organs as its main ingredient, but it really is perfectly described as "malinamnam because it brings out that natural umami flavor. Best consumed with a dash of Philipine lemon or more popularly known as Calamansi, some red hot chili and soy sauce for dipping, Batangas Goto truly takes soup into a higher level. So if you find yourself in the vicinity of Batangas or Tagaytay area, apart from Lomi, which is another Batangueno favorite, why not try a bowl of Goto Batangas? I guarantee you, it is a soup treat you shouldn't miss! 


Marjorie said...

I honestly didn't think this is goto because of the color, this is like the first time I've seen goto that is of brown color. But it looks interesting and I'd definitely keep this mind, something to try when I get to Batangas.

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