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Masflex Kitchen Pro Culinary Knife Collection by Chef Gene Gonzalez: A Must-Have for Every Kitchen

Chef Gene Gonzalez

Every recipe starts with an instruction: julienne a carrot, dice an onion, shred a cabbage, or mince a garlic. All these sounds so simple, but anyone who has had an experience working in the kitchen under pressure regardless if you're a professional chef or a typical homemaker would know that one must possess basic knife skills to do these tasks effectively. These are crucial skills needed to survive your culinary repertoire. Thus, the need for a reliable culinary knife is what everyone needs to master work in a professional kitchen or to be able to take your cooking to the next level. 

Masflex Kitchen Pro Culinary Knife Set

It is truly important to invest in a culinary Chef's knife. A large part of a commercial kitchen's operation revolves around the daily mise en place --and doing so would mean quality preparation and one cannot do these with efficient and accurate knife sets and skills to begin with. A knife with proper grip gives you maximum control, increases your cutting accuracy and speed, prevents slipping, and lessens the chance of accident. The type of knife you use depends on the job you are doing and the size of the knife. 

Learning what's the right knife to use is imperative when it comes to keeping you safe in the kitchen. Not only it is important to keep your knives clean and sharp, but learning how to properly cut foods help prevent accidents.

The thing is, unknown to many, there are different knives for different jobs. It is highly recommended to use the one that is best appropriate for the task. Say for peeling mangoes, a paring knife is your best buddy. If you're planning on spending a substantial amount on one good knife, spend it on Masflex Kitchen Pro Chef Gene Gonzalez' line of culinary knife collection. It is a pretty good investment because it is made from top quality yet sold at an unbelievably affordable price. Chef Gene Gonzalez meticulously developed, designed and tested the Masflex Kitchen Pro Culinary Knife Collection for three years resulting to the best balance of stainless steel + carbon which German and Japanese knives had been known for. No stains, no off flavors and definitely no chemical reactions! Filipinos had been using the  wrong knife for years believing that stainless steel knives are okay, but what we do not know is that stainless are only good when they are new, but it's sharpness do not last. With Masflex Kitchen Pro Culinary Knife Collection by Chef Gene Gonzalez, knives are guaranteed to last for long years. 

Security Blanket was invited to witness the launching of Masflex Kitchen Pro Culinary Knife Collection by Chef Gene Gonzalez. Hosted by Masflex' Haresh Mirchandani, held at the posh The Loft Manansala in Rockwell, Makati, The event started with Chef Gene Gonzalez showing him at what he does best--via his Masflex Kitchen Pro Instructional Knife Skills video where he even recreated a "Fruit Ninja" like action when he sliced huge watermelons to the delight of the live audience. Chef Gene Gonzalez stated the fact that he had personally designed, tested (for three years) the said knife collection before he banked on his name to it and endorsed and approved the Masflex Kitchen Pro Knife Collection. And despite the incessant use by his restaurants and his culinary students--it has survives up to this day--an evidence of its reliability. 

Masflex Kitchen Pro Chef Gene Gonzalez' Instructional Video

The crowd got a glimpse of Chef Gene Gonzalez' culinary prowess through a cooking demo, and it was followed by raffle from the brand partners. The event ended with a delicious cocktail buffet prepared by the students and staff of Cafe Ysabel and Center for Asian Culinary Studies (CACS)--Chef Gene's famous restaurant and culinary school respectively. 

Chef Gene Gonzalez demonstrates the wonder of Masflex Kitchen Pro Culinary Knife.

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With acquired skills, cutting becomes a part of the pleasure of cooking and it should no longer be scary or frustrating. What's more, the flavors, texture and enhances more visual appeal to your dishes. 
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Masflex Kitchen Pro Chef Gene Gonzalez' Collection is available in two handle styles: Flair and Power.
*Sharp cutting edge
*Efficient mix of carbon and steel in the construction of the blade
*Enhanced bolster for greater balance control
*Full Tang Stainless Steel
*Ergonomic handle comfortable to the touch
*Perfect for all the tough jobs in the kitchen

*Masflex Kitchen Pro Chef Gene Gonzalez' Knife Collection includes: 
10" Chef's Knife

8" Chef's Knife

8" Slicing Knife

8" Serrated Knife

7" Cleaver

7" Santoku Knife

6" Boning Knife

6" Fillet Knife

3.5" Paring Knife

Indeed, nothing less is expected from the collaborative work of an excellent culinary school and a dependable cookware brand. 

Masflex Kitchen Pro Culinary Knife Collection by Chef Gene Gonzalez is available at leading department stores. 

Security Blanket would like to thank Richard Mamuyac and AMPR for the invite. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 


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