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Marriott Hotel Manila’s Festive Treats for Christmas: Gift Suggestions and Corporate Christmas Giveaways

Marriott Hotel Manila was all decked out with Christmas decor in as early as September--at least that part of the hotel to welcome bloggers for an exclusive preview of their Christmas festive offerings and feast. There were tall Christmas trees, fully decorated with large red balls and silver trimmings with lights aglow. Even the grand chandelier sort of had the same Christmas motif. Well, so much for the ambiance. 

What is Christmas without the gifts? Marriott Hotel Manila had been known for its best selling jeepney and gingerbread house. According to Executive chef Meik Brammer, both items were well received last year so they are bringing them back again with new items for the festive Christmas hampers available at Marriott Hotel Manila. 

It’s that time of the year again: Christmas is indeed fast approaching. With less than a hundred days to go before Christmas, have you guys thought of what to give your families, friends and colleagues? This early, have you made any plans on how will you spend the holiday season? Well, it’s better to think ahead rather than make last minute shopping which I’m sure you’ll eventually regret later on. 

Fret not, folks! Marriott Hotel Manila is here to help. As early as September, Marriott Hotel Manila’s got it all covered. Be it a lavish Christmas basket you’re looking for or a simple thank you hamper filled with goodies one can munch on this Christmas, Marriot Hotel Manila has it. The best part of it all is that you can get discounts and receive perks when you purchase in bulk and when you place your order early from August to October 15, 2013. Club Marriott members even get 20 % discounts. How good is that, right?

 Marriott Hotel Manila had their Classic Hamper (P3, 400) with their signature Gingerbread Jeepney, Chocolate Santa Claus, Mango Chocolate bar, Dry Pasta, Tomato sauce with Basil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Martini Olives.

Deluxe Hamper (worth P5,100) had gingerbread house, Chocolate Santa Claus, Grandma’s rum-flavored fruitcake, homemade cookies, Spanish paella rice, tomato sauce with basil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Martini Olives.

CRU Premium Hampers (P8, 800) had gingerbread house, Chocolate Santa Claus, personalized CRU Steakhouse VIP Reservation plate, Benchmark Cabernet Sauvignon, Nutella, Martini Olives, Brie Cheese, Salami and crackers, Chocolate Truffles, Illy Coffee and two wine glasses.

If you’d want to customize your hamper, you can also do so. Choose from a wide array of selection and gift suggestions. From Marriott Hotel Manila’s bakery specialties, chocolate masterpieces to savory and deli delights—why not include Marriott Hotel Manila’s collectible items as well?

 Marriott Hotel Manila’s chocolate masterpieces are so divine. Try their Mango chocolate bar—made from honest-to-goodness Belgian white chocolates infused with dried mangoes from the Philippines. Their Chocolate Santa Claus, Snowman, Santa with Gifts are all made from imported and high-quality chocolates that’ll surely make one’s sweet tooth happy. The Milk Chocolate Cluster are made from 100% Belgian Milk Chocolate loaded with nuts and dried fruits for extra crunch and texture. And of course, Marriott Hotel Manila’s praline and truffles are hand-rolled, Swiss made chocolates meant to be truly addicting. They are beautifully packaged for the holiday, so it’s the perfect present. Available in boxes of 4 (P220) and 9 (P500).

 As for pastry specialties, Marriott Hotel Manila’s best-selling Gingerbread house is an edible masterpiece made of cookie dough flavored with ginger and honey decorated with colorful pastilage, cookies and sugar candies. I was able to try Grandma’s run-flavored fruitcake, it’s an authentic Christmas cake made with fruits month-soaked in rum, mixed with nuts, spices and topped with sugar holly leaves. I loved it!

French Macarons are sweet meringue like confectionery with almond powder filled with mango, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and mocha buttercream. You guys should try it, it brightens up every table feast and will certainly enjoyed by kids and those kids at heart. It is mildly moist and melts-in-your-mouth.

During the Christmas Festive Feast launch, Chef Meik Brammer, Marriott Hotel Manila’s executive chef proudly says that because he’s German, he encourages people to try his German version of the traditional stolen bread. It differs from other stolen bread since it had a zesty flavor, somewhat tangy since it had orange, citrusy peel, raisins, almonds along with ginger and cinnamon.

If you don’t have enough time but would like to surprise your family for a hearty treat, Chef Meik Brammer also suggests to order Marriott Hotel Manila’s Turkey to Go. It’s perfect for family feast or Christmas dinner where family and friends gather together and share a sumptuous feast. Chef Meik Brammer’s original roasted turkey was the best! I was fortunate enough to try it myself, and I’d have to say it is really good. It goes well with either the special pan gravy or the cranberry sauce. The Turkey-to-go is a family feast package good for 10 people. It is unbelievably affordable at P7, 500 which includes: Whole roasted turkey (6-7 kg), Cranberry sauce, pan gravy, 1kg of buttered mashed potato, lettuce salad with dressing, 500g potato salad, 1kg classic stuffing, 750 kg Brussels sprouts, 750g baked pumpkin, 1 pc baked pumpkin pie, 1 pc baked apple pie. This awesome feast will be available from November 28 to December 25, 2013. Please call them to order and allow 48 hours before pickup. Turkey-to-go package can be collected at Java+ counter or at the ground level of Marriott Hotel Manila.

For Festive Season Reservations, please call (632) 988-9999 local 8090 or log on to

Visit them at Marriott Hotel Manila, 10 Newport Blvd. Newport City Complex, Pasay City

Special thanks to Ms. Michelle Garcia and Ms. Anya Cabanting.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are my own. 


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