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Baking Essentials: Fondarific, Make ‘n Mold candy Wafers and LorAnn Gourmet Oils and Flavor Extracts

Fondarific Buttercream Fondant tubs

Baking is all about precise cooking. It is meticulous and requires patience mixed with creativity and artistry. Unlike plain cooking where one could tweak her dishes with a dash of salt or pepper here or add a cup of water there, baking requires more than that. Having studied baking and pastry, I know whereof I speak. One has to be passionate enough and put some TLC each time you bake, regardless if it’s a batch of cupcake, muffins, bread or a cake you’re doing. As long as you put your heart into it, the baked goodies will be delightful once it’s done. 

Fondarific in lovely colors and flavors
Small bottle of extracts with super strength flavors
cakes are ready to be decorated

It’s been quite a long time since I last baked a cake. So I was truly glad to be one of the selected bloggers invited to an afternoon of baking and chocolate molding event held at The Cookery where we all got to try Fondarific, Make ‘n Mold Candy Wafers and LorAnn Oils and Flavors.

LorAnn Oils, emulsions and extracts
Chef at the Cookery Place instructs us what to do

The chef prepares all the bloggers' ingredients

It was my first time to use Fondarific products. My fellow blogger Honney Marie and I had chosen hot pink and blue Fondarific buttercream fondants for our cakes. We were surprised that Fondarific fondant are great for both beginners and professionals because it covers twice as much as much as other brands. It’s so easy to use as it rolls to 1/8” thick without sticking. You can be assured it’s made from only high quality ingredients as it is more pliable, it does not have what we bakers refer to as “elephant skin”. 

Edel Santiago prepares her cake
The author puts coffee extract into our buttercream

Honney molds a chocolate cake into a ball

My fellow blogger Honney Marie Natividad and Purple Plum Fairy at work

Fondarific drapes over corners easily without tearing. And it absolutely tastes good, no need for confectioner sugar. What I love most about Fondarific, it dries firm but does not dry out. It really is an amazing fondant, hence, being true to its name—fondant + terrific! Fondarific has 13 gourmet delicious flavors to choose from. Their buttercream is available in fourteen different colors such as black, red, blue, orange, green, lime green, yellow, purple (my fave!), hot pink, princess pink, teal, chocolate, wedding white and antique white. Fondarific is truly versatile as it’s so easy to blend and shape.

With Fondarific, just cut out the excess and you're good to go
Fondarific fondant in hot pink looks pretty!

Honney and I decided to make flowers and hearts on top of our cakes. We also mixed two Fondarific fondant colors and braided them on the core of our cakes. It is truly a great discovery. I vow that the next time I do cakes; I’m certainly going to use Fondarific on them. These products make baking fun and a lot easier. 

The cakes that Honney and I did.

I used 1 teaspoon of LorAnn’s Coffee emulsion on our buttercream before we spread them on our cakes for an added kick of flavor. While we were busy making our cakes, we also made our olfactory nerves worked properly as we basically sniffed the lovely scent of baking and candy goodies wafting in the air. LorAnn Bakery Emulsion was such a revelation. One smell from the bottle is enough to tell you that it is made from superior high quality. The flavors are more robust, just right—not too much or overpowering unlike other brands. I personally prefer emulsions than alcohol-based extracts, as it will not “baked out” when exposed to heat. LorAnn Bakery Emulsion is perfect for cookies, cakes, muffins, brownies, sweet breads, frostings, and glazes. 

Some of the lovely cakes that bloggers had made during the event.

Bloggers really had a blast by the end of the afternoon as we looked into our finished products. Some made their cakes with a small second layer, colorful personalized cakes with their initials on top, others did Halloween-themed cake designs, and one even did a chocolate gingham inspired cake. We also made chocolate lollipops too using Make ‘n Mold Candy Wafers!

I am amazed at how Make ‘n Mold Candy Wafers make it easy to create delicious candy pieces and lollipops. For one, these make ‘n Mold Candy Wafers are microwaveable and comes in different flavors and colors: vanilla, red, pink, dark green, orchid, orange, yellow, chocolate, and milk chocolate.

The great thing about these baking essentials is the fact that they are made affordable. LorAnn’s Bakery emulsions costs only P210 per 4oz bottle. The vanilla extracts differ in prices: Clear Vanilla is priced at P120, Pure Madagascar Vanilla extract is at P160 (for 2oz) and P300 (for 4oz) while 2 Fold Tahitian Vanilla extract is pegged at P300 for 4oz bottle. It may look a bit pricey, but I can guarantee that it is not considering that a teaspoon of such extracts goes a long, long way. 

Last week, my beloved Kyle and I bonded over these awesome Make ‘n Mold Candy Wafers as he helped me melt chocolates and mold them into chocolate lollipops. Kyle said he really had fun working with me in our kitchen. He even requested that we do it again next time. I strongly suggest Mommies for you to try doing this activity with your kids. So we just had a wonderful weekend over the kitchen.

 Baking may not really be difficult especially with the presence of the right ingredients as well as baking essentials such as Fondarific, Make ‘n Mold and LorAnn Bakery Emulsion. Using the right products can make baking more efficient, fun and a whole lot easier!

Fondarific, LorAnn Bakery Emulsion and Extract Oils, Make ‘n Mold Candy Wafers are available at Cook Exchange, The Chocolate Lovers Confectioners and other leading stores where baking supplies are sold. 

For more information and inquiries on Fondarific, LorAnn Bakery Emulsion and Extract Oils as well as Make ‘n Mold Candy Wafers, please log on to Bakeessence Inc. website, or email
Special thanks to Leira Pagaspas.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are my own. 


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