Monday, July 1, 2013

Mc Spicy Chicken Food Review: My Two-Cents on McDonald’s Latest Offer

McDonald's Mc Spicy Chicken
 I’ve always been a spicy fan. So the minute I’ve seen Jessy Mendiola’s latest TV Ad regarding McDonald’s Mc Spicy Chicken in a Burger brought me excitement. The box says it had the right amount of spice: a juicy cut of spicy whole chicken meat that bursts with flavors from choice spices. Topped with crunchy lettuce strips and special mayo. And for Php80 per Mc Spicy Chicken, that’s like ‘sulit’ (value for money) already right? I’d say it depends.

 However, I recently tried it and sad to say I was a bit disappointed. Sure, it is as huge as its Mc Chicken Sandwich. The thing was, it had loads of breading for that ‘crunchy’ promise but it fell short of its promise to be the next best thing after KFC’s Zinger. If you’ve had Mc Spicy Chicken yourself, you’d understand my sentiments. They had focused more on the chicken breading that you might actually forget you’re eating a chicken burger because it no longer tasted like chicken. It tasted like your having bread with crunchy tempura batter leftovers. I did taste some spice here and there but it isn’t something really tasty. The lettuce strips didn’t help either. It had actually made eating Mc Spicy Chicken messier from all the lettuce strips and crunchy chicken breading that fall off each time you take a bite.

If you’ll ask me, Mc Spicy Chicken is good for those who are not really into extremely spicy foods. I wish McDonalds could use lesser chicken breading/batter coating and concentrate more into their special mayo + perhaps use an entire leaf or half a leaf of lettuce instead of the strip ones. And please make sure that the breading is perfectly well done. A friend of mine had opened her McSpicy Chicken from McDonalds Anonas Branch, only to find out that there are flour like powder left in her chicken—a proof that despite of the crunch of the breading or batter coating, it’s still not ready for serving. Oh, well. I doubt if this Mc Spicy Chicken will stay at McDonalds Philippines menu. I’m giving it a few months to stay or perhaps a year. I’d still prefer Mc Chicken Sandwich or a Quarter Pounder hands-down!

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.


Anonymous said...

it fell short of its promise to be the next best thing after KFC’s Zinger

wala naman sinabing promise ang mcdo na ganyan? saan mo naman nahukay 'yang kuda mo na 'yan?

Vance M. Ramos said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by my site. Mcdo may not have said outright such a thing but as they've introduced their spicy chicken burger, anyone with an I.Q. of two would know that it is indirect competition with KFC's Zinger. That's what I wanted to point out in my blog post about Mcdo's latest offering. :)

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