Wednesday, April 24, 2013


A small place indeed but very popular. Globe Lumpia house started from way back.
 I’ve heard so much about a certain hole-in-the-wall lumpia house in Quiapo, but I have never been lucky to find it.  I guess, I never had the patience to go around the place and actually scoured for it. Until that day came I needed to use my Mapdroyd on my Samsung phone because I was locating something else. Voila! There it was: GLOBE LUMPIA HOUSE—the map says it’s near DEECO, right on Raon street corner Evangelista!  So the next time I’d go to Quiapo with my boss, I vow to visit Globe Lumpia House.

With two fresh lumpia from Globe, one could get full right away.

Diners at Globe Lumpia House puts hot sauce on their lumpia for that extra kick.

Here a staff makes fresh lumpia upon order through a glass.
 The scorching heat of the summer sun did not dampen my spirit to finally set foot on that hole-in-the-wall fresh spring roll house in Quiapo. And when we got there, it’s totally jampacked! There were diners inside while there was a reserved bench for customers waiting for their takeout. The smell of fresh lumpia and ground nuts with some sweet syrupy sauce wafts in the air, making our mouths water just the whiff of it. The lumpia are made right before you upon order through a glass window. I wonder, “what is it about Globe Lumpia that makes it popular since the time of my grandparents?” I don’t now how long it had been, but old folks can attest that Globe Lumpia House had been there since time immemorial—perhaps the early 1900’s will do. Come to think of it, apart from their best-selling lumpia (fresh spring roll), the two other things they sell are chicken empanada and sodas. But how come people would flock to their store every day? Some would even travel that far just so they could eat such mouthwatering lumpia goodness that only Globe Lumpia House serves. “If I pass by the Quaipo area, I always see to it to drop by Globe Lumpia House and eat there,” Jona Alforque writes on my Facebook wall upon posting a picture and status about my visit to the Globe Lumpia House.

My boss and good friend Ai enjoys Globe Lumpia.
 Do not underestimate the power of this small but terrible lumpia house. Popular celebrities and personalities adorn the walls of the said eatery. Proofs that even with high-ranking government officials or A-list personalities are fans of Globe Lumpia House.

Here's a Globe Lumpia...

My verdict: I would have to say that the Globe Lumpia is by far the freshest and cheapest I’ve ever tasted. For only Php16.00 per lumpia piece, it’s really good value for money. It tastes good even without the sweet blended sauce although I’ve noticed that customers and loyal patrons would love to pair the Globe lumpia with their special hot sauce, perhaps for a more extra kick. The veggies especially the lettuce is still crisp, and very tasty.

 I’d like to think that this dish should be a must-try for all our folks who hail from Manila. The Abuy’s lumpia found at SM malls is way too expensive for this counterpart from Quiapo. What’s more? Globe Lumpia had no artificial ingredients, sans no fanfare and is certainly more affordable! I’ve instantly become a convert! Eat here if you’re within that Quiapo area and you’ll be sure to thank yourself for such heartwarming simple yet filling meal from Globe Lumpia House. You’ll never look at fresh lumpia the same way again!

* Globe Lumpia House is in Raon Street corner Evangelista Street, Quiapo, Manila. It is near the Raon Bridge. Just ask around, don’t be shy, you’ll definitely bump into foodies searching their way to fresh spring roll heaven that is Globe Lumpia House.

Security Blanket thanks Ai for that wonderful Globe Lumpia House experience.  


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