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The cute little cafe that says you're on the right place.
We did not expect to find Atelier 317 in the middle of a residential area of Palm Street in Makati--and so smartly decorated to boot. The brainchild of lovely columnist/chef/entrepreneur Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi, Atelier 317 (Atelier means workplace), has become an instant success since it first opened its doors in November of last year (2012). And why not? Its interiors feature a dainty yet cozy ambiance with an option for an al fresco dining.
It's cuteness all-over starting off with the Perrier bottle infront.
Smoking area and al fresco dining.
Its wait staff is cordial, friendly and prompt. Although it seems like its the first of its kind to serve no particular cuisine--hailed as "borderless cuisine" by many--it has set for itself a high standard when it comes to comfort food. The menu of Atelier 317 is basically diverse. From salads to usual soups to rice plates and pasta and even coffee or tea, all the way to desserts. Their menu repertoire are really good. The molo soup for instance, it had the fresh and even texture of the shitake mushroom that goes well with the foie gras and other flavors. It's comfort food in a bowl.
Just as it is in Europe where menus are written on blackboard.
Lovely interiors will make you feel at home right away.

A bar for wine and spirits.
Best seller Vietnamese Cha Ca Lavong
Start off with some Mezza platter, roasted bell pepper and feta dip, green pea hummus, and charred spicy eggplant along with pita breads and crudites (P400). Although its got a spicy bite for some added kick, you can't help but grab one bread after another. It's really that good! They're a perfect appetizer to start off your meal. Their lamb gyoza is made from deep fried Moroccan spiced lamb with a harissa yogurt dipping sauce (P280).
Kesong Puti Capresse Salad
Their Balsamic Beef Adobo is made from US Black Angus Short Rib and slow cooked to perfection. So soft, topped with tarragon leaves for that French touch and flavor. The adobo is served with Portobello Mushroom Red Rice, P3,500 (good for six people) and P650 for individual serving.
Balsamic Adobo
Bicol Express

Mezza Platter

Kesong Puti Capresse Salad
For a refreshing meal, try the Flamed Kesong Puti Capresse Salad. Salad tomatoes torched on an open flame for a smoky flavor, served with olive oil, balsamic reduction. It tastes a bit sweet but had a subtle flavor, very light.
Rosemary Mustard Roast Pork Tenderloin
Spicy Corn and Crab Pasta
As for their Rosemary Mustard Roast Pork Tenderloin, it's rubbed with dijon and white wine served on a bed of apples and potatoes at P850 (good for two).  Curry lovers will rejoice over Sri Lankan Black Curry Chicken--crisp chicken thigh fillet doused in special roasted curry sauce served with cardamon scented basmati rice and fried eggplant raita priced at P550. This one has more attitude with slight kick you'll get from the curry and fragrant rice. It has a richer flavor that will make you crave for more.

Best-sellers and my favorite remains to be the Vietnamese Cha Ca Lavong--creamy dory fillet sauteed in turmeric and lemongrass, topped with a mountain of fresh herbs and crispy shallots, vermicelli noodles and Vietnamese dressing. I also enjoyed Lamb Bolognese--Mediterranean take on Italian favorite. A dry lamb ragu, veggies and spices with homemade pasta.  But to really get a taste of Atelier 317, get yourself a Molo (with Foie Gras) Soup, Gambas Y Chorizo, Chicken Bicol Express, Moroccan Lamb Chops with Caldereta Vegetable Stew--you certainly wouldn't want to leave anytime soon.
One of the desserts

If you still have room for desserts, order the simple yet filling banana with rum, or choose from any Casa San Luis cakes and pastries. The Apple Pie's really good and so does the Pumpkin Pie. What makes dining at Atelier 317 even more special is the fact that you'll be feasting with an ambiance of an old world feel complete with heavy hardwood furnishings typically seen from an English Tea Party as well as vintage paraphernalia, cute and dainty items which definitely adds to the charm of the place as well as each meal.

Atelier 317 bursts of passion, art, love and life--serving nothing but yummy goodies--always yearning to create and inspire. Special thanks to Ms. Nana Nadal for the invite.

Come and visit Atelier 317 located at 6060 Palma Street, Makati. From Rockwell Drive, turn right after Ateneo and BDO.  When you visit Atelier 317, make sure to try something new. Either way, you won't go wrong with the quality of food preparation and fresh ingredients!

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are my own.
The author with Ms. Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi
Molo with foie gras soup


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