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It’s THAT dreaded time of the year again when I would see couples, lots of people wearing red, bouquet of roses, precious jewelries, boxes of big chocolate bars and fully booked romantic restaurants. Oh, what a red-letter day it is! Yes, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.  I used to get irritated at the way love is so commercialized now, or maybe I was just bitter.  That used to be the case, until I realized Valentine’s isn’t just for couples, it should be for everyone. 

Pink roses I've sent my Mom last year.

I could vividly remember the first time I went on a pseudo Valentine date. We were high school juniors and we had dinner at this American fast food chain with dim lights effect and only candlelight tables for that romantic ambiance. Over a couple of salads and iced teas, we commiserated with each other on our non-existent love lives. Silly as it was, the fact that February 14 made us felt desperate to have someone to love.

I recently had a laugh on Facebook when I saw a page that says, “Valentine’s day is another way of saying Single Awareness Day.” Hearts day still has that unique effect of making me feel anxious, like I should be planning something exciting and romantic. I’m sure a lot of people will be able to relate with me.

However, it’s not easy being single if you have a lot of love to give. It’s frustrating to think how much you could give your would be significant other if only you had him by your side. But alas, this has happened to countless times to millions of people across the globe.  As they say in Spanish, “Solo pero no solomente.” I maybe alone, single and currently unattached but I am not lonely. 
 For my fellow singles out there, we all know that the dreaded V-Day may not mean something special to us. If you’re in a relationship, it is supposed to be a day you feel excited about. Well, that’s because you know something special is up for you if you’re in a relationship with someone. But if you’re like me, you kind of hate it, and in my case, it’s because it reminds me of my ticking biological clock (that I need to bear a child soon or else I’d never experience being a Mom) and it reminds me that I’m way past the calendar and it’s about time I walk down the aisle. Personally, I actually had no problem with that. But what I abhor the most was the nudging of people, they kept asking me when I’d be married or when I’ll have a child of my own. So whenever I see people wearing red with hearts on Valentine’s Day, I know they looked quite cheesy and corny (or it’s just me sourgraping?) but I’d like to believe that Valentine’s isn’t just for lovers.
Valentine's Day is for everyone. Year after year, we rack our brains thinking of new ways to celebrate. Since I do not have any significant other, I would be celebrating Valentine’s Day on my own terms. I’d still spread the love around—to my family and friends. Sharing them a box of Mister Donuts' Bavarian Doubles and Mister Donuts' Valentine Belgian Bites gift set will surely brighten their day. Or better yet, tag along your Dads and spend time with him.

Daddy Dearest with sons and a takeout box of Mister Donuts.
Mommy and daughters take time to choose their donut flavors.

Donuts that will make you smile.

But this year, I am going to have a more meaningful V-day than I ever had in the past.V-day is about loving others and proving that you can spread love on your own. On my way to work, I’d see kids approaching passersby and begged for alms.  Usually, I give these children crackers or leftover meals in takeout bags so that they may eat, because personally, I think it would help them more than giving them money.  But that moment, I did not have a single crumb in my hands. I could not offer the child anything to eat. He seemed like someone who has not eaten for days.

 I looked around and noticed that there were a number of these children asking for food, all saying the same thing. This broke my heart. How can you have a meaningful red-letter day when you see stuff like poverty all around you? Ever get the feeling like you wish you could help someone but you know that it was beyond your means? That is how I felt to about other children staring at me with really weary, hungry faces. Children who looked like they were as young as four or five years old were right there begging. 

 Such scenario reminded me of this particular incident wherein I was lying on a couch, having something to munch on like chips—practically pigging out. And on TV, I see people scrapping for bread. Gosh! I mean it’s just a twist of fate. I could’ve been one of them.  I decided to try and help out. Any little thing would be all right. I remember I started to cry because I had only been lucky while others had been deprived.  

 I bought  two boxes of Mister Donuts Bavarian Doubles. Yes, twenty delicious donuts—that means twenty mouths to feed + twenty happy faces, all for what? Two hundred sixty pesos?  I never realized how many people could benefit from two hundred bucks. But it is one of the most heartwarming and touching experiences I have ever been through.

A streetkid/beggar receives donut from the author

The streetkid eats bavarian doubles from Mister Donuts.

The author spreading love by sharing a box of donuts with a streetkid and in the process made her happy.

I have never seen anyone so happy to munch on a donut in my life! It really pleased me to witness such an occasion in their lives. The kids ate as if they had never eaten for days. Some of them are even confused as to what was going on and looked at the donut without knowing what to do with it, but all of them had smiles painted across their faces.  The kids loved Mister Donuts’ Bavarian Doubles. One kid even said, “Ang galing naman, dalawang lasa sa isang donut!” With three flavor combinations: Classic Bavarian + Choco Fudge, Coffee + Caramel (my personal favorite!) and Choco + Caramel—eating donuts had never been this fun! The taste wasn’t too sweet, nor too bland—it’s just right. And when you share them with people, it doubles the joy in your heart, because you know fully well that you've done something good.

I probably didn’t make much of a difference to those children we fed—but I certainly made them happy, even for one day. To me, it wasn’t about changing all that was around me, but more of trying to help in my own little way. It didn’t matter if I could feed just one, four or five kids, what mattered to me was that for that split second I affected their lives by spreading them some love and in the process made them happy. 

Say how much you love them in your own way!

It felt good about making something good for others without expecting anything in return. It was a good gesture and it gave them hope.  Valentine’s Day may also be a time to open up our hearts and share one’s blessings, especially to those in need. It feels good when you’re able to treat a friend out to dinner or give a family member an expensive gift, but are you really able to make a difference in their lives? Believe me, it felt better spending two hundred pesos, being able to treat twenty people and really making an impact.


The legendary playboy Casanova concocted love potions to make women weak in the knees until he eventually settled on chocolate as the “love elixir” but there were no guarantees these would actually work. Thus, the concept of giving out chocolates to loved ones began. 

In celebration of the love month and you’re running out of ideas or not too thrilled about the prospect of braving hellish traffic or the crowd this year, maybe you’d like to follow my suggestions: 

Surprise your loved ones with a box of Mister Donuts' Bavarian Doubles. This Valentine's Day, I'd like to give my sister a box of donuts. My sister had a sweet tooth, I'm sure she and her daughter will definitely enjoy this valentine treat. 

Boxes of Mister Donuts

Delectable Mister Donuts' Bavarian Doubles.

My sister will surely adore how the confectioner’s powdered sugarcoated donuts contrast nicely with the flavored Bavarian fillings on each bite. These delectable donuts are really a treat to satisfy those with sweet tooth. It’s simple comfort food that never fails to hit the spot. Bavarian Doubles had an unexpected fusion of flavors and these best-selling donuts are worth lining up for. 

I'd buy my boss his favorite cup of coffee and put on a heart note or a small greeting. It'll surely make him smile. He will appreciate such kind gesture. 

A sweet note for my boss/superior will make him smile.

Mister Donuts' Valentine Belgian Bites gift set for only P165.

 On the other hand, my Mom loves Mister Donuts' Belgian Bites. A bite of these chocolate-coated donut balls and you’ll instantly fall in love. If sheer bliss can be made into a pastry, Mister Donuts' Belgian Bites is it. Rolled and sprinkled with assortment of toppings like nuts, choco sprinkles, crispies and choco swirls—quirky, creative combinations like these are highly addictive—and great for everyday pasalubong or Valentine presents. The perfect Valentine present need not be expensive.  With Mister Donuts’ Valentine Gift set, they’ve got everything covered. Mister Donuts’ Valentine Gift set includes 6 pieces of Belgian Bites in a heart tin-shaped can, heart shaped balloon plus a cute teddy bear to go with it for only Php 165! Indeed, a great value for your money. 

Mister Donuts' Dochi

As if those yummy treats aren’t enough, Mister Donuts brings back Dochi (read: Donut + Buchi) in time for the Chinese New Year. Enjoy an all-time favorite buchi in a brand new way. These scrumptious Dochi balls are coated with toasted sesame seeds and are filled with different flavored crème fillings! Surely, Dochi balls are little pieces of heaven. 

Go and grab these yummy Mister Donuts'  goodie treats as they promise to draw smiles on your loved ones faces.  Spread the love this valentine's with Mister Donuts' Valentines Gift Set, Bavarian Doubles and celebrate Chinese New Year with the sweetness of Dochi!

Security Blanket thanks Mister Donuts and Ms. Tina Papera. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.


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Ang galing naman to share the sweet donuts for unfortunate ones.

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What a different way to spend Valentine's!

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Cheap yet yummy donuts for V-day. Great help from Mister Donuts.

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sarap ng dochi. the best!

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Ang tamis ng hearts day pag ganyan ang gifts.

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natikman ko na ito, masarap naman. bihira ang tatay na kasama ang mga anak gaya ng picture mo sa blog.

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