Monday, January 21, 2013


We have been seeing Max’s Restaurant’s latest advertisement via its television commercial featuring its newest brand ambassador, Coco Martin. But it was only recently when we were invited to attend a press conference where Max’s formally introduces Coco as their new brand ambassador that we got to know the interesting story behind it. “Coco captured our attention because of his life story. In a lot of ways, he shares values that are inherent to Max’s—passion for what you do and love for Filipino family. This is how Max’s story unravels everyday,” shared Edgar Allan Caper, Marketing Director for Max’s Restaurant.

Great things start from small beginnings. This was exactly the case with Coco Martin. Life wasn’t exactly a bed of roses for someone like Coco who was raised by his Grandma. Before Coco became an actor, he was a working student. Unknown to many, Coco worked as young server at Max’s Fairview branch in 2001. And it was his experience at Max’s that has actually paved the way for this humble thespian to be discovered. One of Coco’s customers saw his potential while he’s busy serving Max’s mouthwatering home-cooked dishes to diners. The said customer who happens to be a talent scout asked Coco for an audition for one of the leading television networks in the country.

 “I was supposed to be launched at the same time as Heart Evangelista in Star Circle way back then. Heart was among my batch mates. But then I decided to heed my grandma’s advice to finish my studies first even if show business beckons me. After tucking in a degree in hotel and restaurant management, I could no longer ignore the lure of the limelight—I guess I had been at the right place and time,” shares Coco during the press conference.

Max's Marketing Director, Edgar Allan Caper.

 Coco consistently strived to make a mark in the showbiz industry. It’s no surprise though that Coco has now become a household name for everyone. In fact, his fame has crossed over to countries in Europe, Asia and North America—thanks to The Filipino Channel.

“We saw in Coco a great Filipino story of perseverance and hope with which Max’s was also built on. We see a great connection between Max’s and Coco and that’s why we believe we have found the perfect partner for Max’s. That is, apart from the survey we’ve done with TNS. The response had been phenomenal—across all demographics and territories,” added Caper. 

 “I had long wanted to endorse anything that’s related to food. But there have been no offers. I felt that maybe because I’m jologs (read: too ordinary looking) and not tisoy (read: mestizo looking),” relates Coco. “I had long waited for this endorsement. So when my manager told me that Max’s seemed interested with me, I had never been this happy—knowing fully well that I’ve once worked for Max’s. This endorsement and my becoming Max’s new brand ambassador felt like coming home,” enthuses Coco. “Plus, I am so familiar with Max’s menu having previously worked with them. When people would ask me Max’s specialty, I always tell them it’s their spring chicken!” adds Coco.

Apart from Max’s famous fried chicken, Coco says he loves Max’s kare-kare, caramel bar and ube decadence but his ultimate favorite remains to be crispy tadyang he had tasted in the States. Unfortunately it is only available in selected Max’s branches in the US.  “I wish the crispy tadyang would be available here in the Philippines soon,” says Coco. 

Max’s TV commercial was helmed with no less than the man who made Coco Martin an award-winning Indie actor, himself an award-winning director, Brilliante Mendoza. “We prepared for this project by really understanding the message of Max’s. We want to translate this through a stimulating story that tells the parallelism of Max’s heartwarming story with Coco’s own journey towards success and fame, as well as his struggles. I feel honored to be part of this project,” said Mendoza in an interview.

The parallelism between Coco Martin and Max’s echoes that hard work reaps its benefits. And we say, there couldn’t be a better brand endorser for Max’s than Coco Martin. J

Purple Plum Fairy thanks Max’s Restaurant, Bright Ideas, Mr. Bobby Simborio, and Ms. Kim Sanchez. 


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