Thursday, February 9, 2012

Treat everyone with Festa Italiana Meal at Sbarro

Thin crusted Sbarro Super Supreme

What makes a pizza perfect? Whether you cut your pizza with a fork and knife, or you do the portable “hold and fold”, you will surely agree with me that there are certainly more ways than one to eat a pizza especially if you’re in a place like Sbarro. 

At Sbarro, there are loads of awesome choices.

Che una bella pizza! Sbarro has consistently satisfied my family and me ever since we had experienced them at their SM Megamall branch in the early 90’s. It has become our default pizza place. Their pizza is definitely the closest to New York-style pizzas, served by the slice in big triangles of cheesy goodness. There is a distinct aroma of fresh oregano to Sbarro pizzas, which I always enjoy and I give credit to the pizza guy who literally toss and knead the pizza right before your eyes, assuring you that their pizza are freshly baked.
Huge chunk of New York style pizza

Sbarro pizza had always been well prepared and perfectly seasoned with an inviting mix of herbs and spices that worked well together. As a result, Sbarro pizza is always bursting with flavors.  The sauce was appreciably deep and married effortlessly with the briney olives. The crust had a consistent crunch factor and remained crispy even after absorbing all that magic sauce. There’s an addictive flavor profile here that keeps you hooked to the last crumb.

And now, with their latest promo called Festa Italiana, for only P779.00, you can now afford to treat your friends and family members at Sbarro. For their Festa Italiana meal, you can have your own choice of two kinds of thin crust pizza (yes, you’re reading it right), two kinds of salad (you can choose your own dressing: vinaigrette, ranch or thousand island) and two kinds of pasta dish with a 1.5 liter bottle of Coke that’s good for four people! Isn’t that a good value for your money?

Penne Pasta in Ranch dressing
We were treated recently to a Festa Italiana meal at Sbarro’s branch in Glorietta 5 with friends. The scent of pizza alone instantly made me hungrier that I thought I was. The crust had a fantastic crunch and tasty texture. I especially liked how it bubbled up giving it a notable lightness. Sbarro has consistently crafted oversized delicious pizza with high quality ingredients, and they do not scrimp on their pizza toppings so there’s no need to order for add ons or overloaded ones unlike in other pizza place.
Vegetables salad in your choice of dressing: Vinaigrette, Ranch or Thousand Island.
Going back to their Festa Italiana meal, it’s refreshing to see Sbarro serving thin crust pizza. The crust may be called thin, but it is thick enough to give you plenty of support for all the meat toppings but not too thick where you leave anything on your plate. For me, it is just right. Each slice happily boasts a hefty serving of pepperoni, olives and ham. The sauce enhances the flavor of the meat while the cheese brings it all home. With the Festa Italiana meal, you can choose whatever pizza flavor you like: supreme, mushroom, white, cheese etc. 

Kyle's favorite: White Pizza
I took my first bite of Sbarro thin-crusted pizza and deeply enjoyed a mouthful of bubbly melted cheese. I had secretly wished that moment would not end as I chat along with friends in between slices of pizza and mouthful of pasta. 
Sbarro’s Festa Italiana meal would make a perfect snack, lunch or dinner. And given its size and quantity, sharing is recommended for hearty eaters such as myself. Treat your friends and share the goodness of Sbarro pizza and pasta through Festa Italiana meal, now available at all Sbarro branches nationwide.

Just a tip: When you order spaghetti, mix both red and white sauce for that Italian twist.

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Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this blog post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.


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