Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Italiannis Now Serving Awesome Breakfast Menu in Selected Branches

We all know Italianni's Restaurant as one of the restaurants managed by the Bistro Group. Known for their honest-to-goodness authentic Italian dishes, only a few know that a few branches actually serves an awesome array of breakfast menu. I have come to know this myself only after I got invited for an FMU (foodie meet up) by Zomato. 

Our moms had always been right, NEVER SHOULD WE SKIP BREAKFAST. Simply because it's the most important meal of the day. And thus, you deserve the best that Italianni's has to offer. In this fast paced society we live in, a hearty, wholesome, healthy power breakfast is all we need to lift our moods and providing you the energy and zest you need throughout the day.

Amidst all the hype of all the fancy new brunch places popping up around the CBD, we thought to bring you a list of Italianni's Breakfast Specials which will only be available for a limited engagement (So hurry guys and try it out while it lasts!). Oh, and btw, they are only made available at the following Italianni's branches: Italianni's Greenbelt, Bonifacio High Street, and Vista Mall in Laguna. 

Here's what you can expect from their Chef's Breakfast Kitchen Menu:

* All meals come with complimentary tea or coffee.

Breakfast Porkchop (Php395)

Italianni's Breakfast Porkchop
Porkchop marinated in Italianni's choice of herbs and spices, seared to perfection and served with egg. You can have a choice of pairing it with either garlic rice or potato hash. It had that charred taste with a delicious basting and it was very flavorful that there's no need to reach for a dipping sauce.

Fried Eggplant with Sausage (Php365)

Italianni's Fried Eggplant with Sausage

A classic Filipino dish, fried eggplant toppled with sausage, pickled onion and oregano served with garlic rice. Eggplant or Aubergine goes perfectly well with  the sausages. And as they say in the vernacular, "mapapadami ang kain mo ng kanin." [You will be asking for more cups of rice]. Even if you're not a fan of eggplant, you will certainly like this dish, that's for sure. 

Smoked Capocollo Ham with Avocado (Php350)

Italianni's Smoked Capocollo Ham with Avocado
Fresh from the oven sourdough bread topped with capocollo ham, sliced avocado, poached egg and arugula. Capocollo or coppa is a traditional Italian and Corsican pork cold cut (salume). It is similar to the more widely known cured ham or prosciutto, because they are both pork-derived cold-cuts that are used in similar dishes. This open faced sandwich is one of my favorites among the Italianni's Chef Breakfast Kitchen menu. The sourdough was very chewy and I didn't know the ham will go well with the avocado slices on top. It's really very filling and I'll certainly recommend it for those people on-the-go who wanted to grab a bite but will still have a healhy and filling meal for breakfast. 

Smoked Tinapa Delight (Php395)

Italianni's Smoked Tinapa Delight

Tinapa fillet topped with tomato relish served with Italianni's homemade garlic rice and scrambled egg. Oh, and it also had this special vinegar dipping sauce. I'm not sure if it's sinamak or  pinakurat but it kinda tastes that way. More importantly, it perfectly complements eating the tinapa fillet and garlic rice. I could imagine myself eating Italianni's Smoket Tinapa Delight on a rainy day as I sip on my cup of hot coffee and taking spoonfuls of this dish. I had to stop here as it is making me salivate already by thinking about the dish alone and remembering how it tasted like.

Italian Prosciutto Eggs Benedict (Php375)

Italianni's Italian Prosciutto Eggs Benedict

Crusty sourdough bread topped with cream, tomato, basil, prosciutto, poached egg with hollandaise and pesto sauce. Such a delectable and satisfying dish with heavenly drizzle of the hollandaise sauce. A perfect way to start up your day or to begin an indulgent weekend. 

Pili Granola with Yoghurt (Php365)

Italianni's Pili Granola with Yoghurt

Rolled oats on a bed of yoghurt topped with pili nuts and cranberries. Drizzled with caramel. The oh-so-crunchy granola bits swimming on a plate of healthy yoghurt aren't only good to look at, they taste just as good too. And they're also powerfoods which means they are good for your tummy too. The good news is, it's not as sweet as you think it is. Eat this dish and your stomach will be thanking you for the healthy meal you're putting into your body's system. 

French Toast Platter (Php395)

Italianni's French toast platter

Six slices of French Toast topped with tropical fruits served with whipped butter and salted caramel. We were surprised to see that this French Toast platter is good for sharing. Yes, you can share the foods and share the calories as well. With its sweet cinnamon taste, how could your day go wrong? The fruits provide some tartness so even if you want to eat this alone, there won't be a "sawa" or "umay" factor. Meaning to say, you won't get tired eating it. Again, this is another favorite of mine from the Italianni's line up of breakfast dishes. I could eat their French Toast and never cared about the calories because it tastes so goood. As in really, really good. Even without the salted caramel sauce, I swear! It's good on its own.

Chorizo and Fennel Sausage Puff

Italianni's Chorizo and Fennel Sausage Puff
Delicate puff pastry case filled with sauteed Italian sausage and Spanish chorizo, feta cheese, and marinated cherry tomatoes. The puff wedges have absorbed the flavors of each ingredient, they’re gorgeously browned in clarified butter and filled with chorizo and fennel sausage for a smart salty contrast.

So this is what is an ideal “Italianni's breakfast" is all about. Leave it to the famous Bistro Group Chef breakfast kitchen menu to concoct the perfect formula. It should involve cups of coffee or tea, of course, and freshly baked breads to go along with it. You’ll find all these at selected Italianni's establishment, where breakfast begins at 7:00 a.m. We like pairing these breakfast specialties with a mason jar of their iced coffee frappe. It will keep you buzzing all day.


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