Friday, March 10, 2017

Soi Eat Thai Love Thai: Authentic Degustation of Thai Flavors

Soi Thai welcomes guests with a smile

One of the most common misconceptions about Thai dishes is that they're all spicy. That is absolutely not true. I recently had the opportunity to review Soi Eat Thai Love Thai in Glorietta 2 branch in Makati City. I was surprised because it has exceeded my expectations. The prices as well as food presentations were a bit upscale when compared to its sister restaurant, BKK Express which I've also had reviewed late last year. But I'm telling you, it's totally worth it. You can be assured, they do not scrimp on ingredients because 70 percent of them were flown in on a regular basis straight from Thailand. The owners do not want but to serve you authentic yet affordable Thai food and nothing less. 

Soi Eat Thai Love Thai had a lovely Asian setting which makes the ambiance all the more enjoyable for dine in customers. Soi had an extensive selection of Thai degustations which will excite your palates, especially for real foodie enthusiasts. For one, you won't need to fly to Bangkok to savor the authentic food there because Soi has brought in an authentic Thai chef to personally man over the kitchen at Soi. 

Tom Yum Soup

I felt a really comfortable vibe upon being seated at Soi. I used to associate Thai with swanky restaurants. But Soi is a cozy restaurant that's neither too casual nor too upscale. The wooden furnishings and muted tones made me feel really welcomed. Not to mention the friendly staff who were willing to answer my queries on Thai food. But what really got me in the groove was the oooh-so-comforting Tom Yum soup. With every spoonful of the soup, I tasted the combination of complex flavors--the sour, tangy,spicy broth and the strong taste of cilantro. It was actually unlike any other tom yum I have tasted. It felt like my new comfort food, if you ask me.

Pad Thai

Of course, Pad Thai will surely be part of the menu. Pad Thai is stir-fried rice noodles with bean sprouts and egg, shrimp, peanuts and chili. Kaho Krok Kapi (Bagoong Rice) will surely be won't left behind. I enjoyed the Pad Thai like I always would at any Thai restaurant I've been to. I also enjoyed the savory bagoong rice that featured a contrast of flavors--sweet pork, salty shrimp paste, and tangy green mangoes.

Seafood in Yellow Curry

Fried rice with seafood and basil

Bagoong Rice

Discerning diners would also take pleasure in dishes like Fresh Spring Rolls with peanut dipping sauce, green curry and sukothai. Some of the menu may have similar flavors but everything's light on the stomach. The servings are good enough for two--or three--depending on your appetite. 

Fresh Spring rolls

I love that each dish was exciting for me because either there was the sweetness of coconut milk or a hint of spice in every bite. We were told that upon request, guests can tweak the spice a bit or it could also be not spicy at all. Anyway, their menu says which ones are spicy and which ones are not. So ordering them would be a lot easier than you think even if it's really difficult to pronounce them the way they should be in Thai. 

Thai Halo Halo

To soothe my burning tongue, I sipped on some traditional Thai tea, a refreshing beverage that actually agreed with my taste buds.There is also the Thai flavored iced crush desserts in various flavors that are yummy as well. Although I was pretty full, I had to end my meal with something sweet. 

Thai Halo-halo in Soda flavor

Visit Soi in the following locations: Soi Ermita, Glorietta, Alabang Town Center, Megamall, SM MOA and Seaside Cebu.
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