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El Guapo's Tex-Mex Eats in Kapitolyo Pasig: Simply Good and Tasty

With its screaming Mexican themed walls and lively colors, it's hard to miss El Guapo's Tex-Mex Eats

It's quite obvious to anyone paying attention that Filipinos have also taken an obsession with Mexican food. All you need to do is to look around you and you'll see our fast food chains, food courts, strip malls and everywhere in between--you're sure to find Mexican stuff everywhere you look.Other cuisines have not quite taken over like the rampant spread of tacos, burritos and other notions borrowed from Latin culture. Joining the long lists of Tex-Mex restaurant would be El Guapo's Tex-Mex Eats in Kapitolyo, Pasig City. With its screaming signage, lively bold colors and murals down to its Mexican themed walls, it's not hard to find El Guapo's especially at night.

I love the fact that guests have an option whether they'd be staying indoors (for non-smokers) and outdoors (non-aircondition for those who'd love to puff while eating and drinking booze). This setup gives guests and customers freedom to enjoy their food and be comfortable as well. They even have a bar inside where you can order their signature cocktail drinks and have them tweak based on your preferences. Yes, their barista allows you to do that, just make a request. For non alcohol drinkers, they have a mock up mojito (drinks that look just like the real thing) so you can still enjoy drinking sans the alcohol. 

Now let's get down to business and see how the food fares...


Taquitos, Dynamite and Soft Taco

With a spicy integrity, I'm no longer surprise when El Guapo's Dynamite delivered just that. Anyone who knows Latina food understands that Tex-Mex food are basically spectrum of flavors and lots of kick. We were presented with El Guapo's appetizers: soft tacos with nachos on the side, Taquitos and Dynamite pockets. We were warned at the onset that their version of Dynamite aren't exactly child-friendly. And they were right, or course! El Guapo's Dynamite are as intense as it could possibly be. 

El Guapo's Dynamite isn't exactly for kids because it's loaded with lots of kick!

Every spoonful of each appetizer for me felt like having a window to another world--open to anyone willing to sit down and have a meal with someone from another culture. There's possibly no better place to put yourself if you want to have a glimpse or a taste of the Latin world. The Dynamite tops my list as one of the many reasons why you guys should try dining at El Guapo's Tex-Mex Eats. It tasted differently from all the other dynamites I've tried from other restaurants. It could be because of the spices they've put on each deep fried pockets or because they seemed not to have made any short-cuts. I'm not exactly sure what they've done to make it really good. One thing's sure though, El Guapo's Dynamite pockets are enough reason for you to drive East to Kapitolyo Pasig. You've got to taste it to believe me. And take note, I'm not compensated to say this or to write about it.

I super love El Guapo's Dynamite even if it's filled with chili and lots of it. 

To put it bluntly, we were overwhelmed with the if you're someone whose knowledge of Tex-Mex foods are limited to tacos and nachos, you'd be happy to order and try burritos, their equally colorful cocktail drinks as well as their Monster Tacos (if you're adventurous and you have a hefty appetite!). Be warned though, as the name implies, it's indeed "monster in size!" I get giddy just thinking about it. We also tried their Alamo Burger with four burger patties oozing in special white cheesy sauce! 

El Guapo's Monster Taco

I'm not sure how to even begin to discuss such a bounty. I think a couple of words in general about the tacos and I'll be focusing on the fillings. The regular sized taco was made from fresh tortillas, supple and steamy. The salsas were the final piece that put the tacos over the edge. El Guapo's have a number of salsa and dipping sauces and we found a few to try. Besides the standard red salsa which really stood out, I also liked their white dipping sauce which went well with most of their deep fried dishes. 

Their Monster Taco is a 10-inch meatball taco loaded with refried beans, beef, chicharrones, sour apples, tomato salsa, jalapenos, lettuce, onions, dripping with garlic and sour cream sauce. Of course, eating such would be really messy. Thank God that El Guapo's understands such that they have plastic gloves available so you can eat and enjoy your food.

Plastic Hand Gloves

El Guapo's The Alamo Burger

The Alamo Burger is also another must-try at El Guapo's. Made up of four (4) beef patties, lettuce, gooey cheese, crispy bacons--it's good for three or four persons or even more, depending on your appetite. For only Php450 per order, it will definitely fill up you up!

 Big Bird

We have also tried their Big Bird (Php275)--chicken fried schnitzel steak loaded with homemade mashed potatoes and gravy with a side of sour cider apples. 

Bareback Ribs

When you're out there at El Guapo's don't ever miss out on their Bareback Ribs! Finger-licking, mouthwatering ribs goodness for Php280 (half rack). I highly suggest you try their promo of unlimited ribs for only Php499 per person which is available from 11AM until 2PM daily. 

Of course, Mexican food wouldn't be complete without Chimichanga and Burritos. For those not familiar, Chimichanga is a deep fried huge burrito with fillings, similar to taco. It's a complete meal in itself with a side dipping sauce and nachos. Burritos on the other hand are roasted tortilla  consisting of rice and fillings. 

Burritos with two different salsas

El Guapo's Chimichanga

Buffalo Wings in Honey Mustard

Buffalo Wild Wings

Okay, so maybe at this point you have probably turned off your computer and rushed off to East Capitol Drive in Pasig. If you're still with me, another exciting reason for you to come and visit El Guapo's Tex-Mex Eats would have to be their cocktail drinks. From mojito to vodka to drinks with hot sauce--they seem to have it all! I'm no drinker, but my friends who came to El Guapo's can attest that their drinks are absolutely outstanding! One doesn't need to be a genius to know that their drinks perfectly compliments the food on their menu. Put it on a freshly homemade tortilla and add a bit of their homemade smoky salsa mentioned above and you have found something worth searching for. We were absolutely blown away by this, it was so simple yet so genius. 

Still drooling from all those deliciously good Tex-Mex treats from El Guapo's? Come and experience it yourself. 

El Guapo's Tex-Mex Eats is located at 51-B East Capitol Drive, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City. They are open from 11AM to 2AM daily. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 


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