Wednesday, April 27, 2016

GStuff’s New Products Will Make Everyday Living Healthier, Our Bodies Happier!

G Stuff’s Healthy Ice Cream
Yes! GStuff will finally have its own Ice Cream. It is also set to be the Only Healthy Ice Cream in the Philippines! You can now satisfy your sweet cravings without the white sugar and white flour! Every scoop is without the guilt and the gluten, are non-fattening and non-dairy!

Their Six tasty flavours are Cappuccino, Strawberry Love, Mint Chip, Vegan Coco Mocha Jam, Vegan Coco Milk Choco, and Vegan Coco Mocha Jam. It comes in pint and cup. Soon in gallon and half-gallon.

Polish Your Nails to Health Spa Ritual believes that slowing down assures the attainment of enlightenment and leads to finding your inner beauty. This philosophy fuses the mind, body and spirit with the traditions and effectivity of a healing spa.  Theirs are products sourced from certified organic, vegan and fair trade ingredients from around the globe.

G Stuff now carries Spa Ritual’s Vegan Nail Lacquers and Nail Care Treatments. These nail polishes are free of toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor and DBP.

SpaRitual stays on the pulse of sustainability issues to ensure their products; processes and packaging are environmentally responsible. SpaRitual's brand philosophy encourages women to approach beauty as a holistic connection to oneself and to the environment.

G Stuff Now “Cuddles” With Cudsly
Popular online baby store, Cudsly, now carries G Stuff products to their list of brands on their website along with other best-selling parenting products and services in the country. Here’s to an alternative route to the long treks of the crowded baby stores and supermarkets, and shop online.

To all young moms, working moms and soon-to-be-moms, Cudsly is definitely the run-to website for your parenting needs. As a one-stop destination, Cudsly aims for you to have more time with your children than out pushing shopping carts around.

Your 3 New Favorites: Healthy Eats From Lobo, Batangas
145 km away from Manila, Lobo is a province in Batangas well-loved for its natural attractions with a very good coral and marine life covering sheltered mangrove forests and fish sanctuaries. Apart from its natural pride, Lobo is also a place rich in produce, and as a way to support their community, we are excited to introduce some of their food products you will love up to its last bite. GStuff will now carry three of their ‘heirloom recipes’ they have tweaked for a healthy bite. Now grown organically, these three products will soon replace the usual Pinoy delicacies because now they become ‘healthy local delicacies’.

Preserved Kamias which is locally produced by the people of (insert place). A perfect alternative to the American Dates, our Preserved Kamias is fermented naturally without any additives, no white sugar only Coco Sugar.  The Dried Langka with Stevia is Batangas’s version of a classic dried fruit snack we all love but this time it’s healthy. It has Stevia, a natural sugar substitute, which makes it extra healthy. Too, it harvests helps the community of farmers in Batangas and Mindoro. Tamarind with Coco Sugar. Instead of using white sugar, this delicacy uses Coco Sugar only. Plus has no single chemical preservatives.


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