Tuesday, March 8, 2016

G Stuff Treats Help You Have a Happy Healthy Summer!

Summer officially begins! G Stuff, the healthy and organic shop,offers a host of bestsellers perfect to accompany you with whatever you’re up to in the season of the sun!


Keep Fresh and Clean with G Stuff Travel Kit

The famous G Stuff Travel Kit is a set of handy toiletries that is a definite must have! Wherever you’re headed to enjoy all that nature has to offer – soaking on the beach, hiking up the mountains, discovering exquisite waterfalls or just trailing on a hot sunny day with friends! 


We always want you to keep fresh and clean that is why we’ve prepared these essentials you will need before your summer trips. G Stuff Travel Kit include these following best-sellers --- Virgin Coconut Oil Oatmeal soap, VCO Insect Repellant, Sun Protect Lotion, Moringa Conditioning Shampoo, and the very fragrant Sampaguita Sanitizing Hand Gel --- all in a handy Katsa carry-all tote!


Summer Dips with Kefir Salad

The Kefir Salad is a flavorful dip and spread of textured ivory white cream made with Kefir grains, natural sea salt and garlic. The jar of 250 grams of this spread contains more probiotics than yoghurt, which means that it can be taken even before meals and will not give you an uneven appetite. It can be spread on your fried chicken and fish fillet to counter the oil that seep into those fried viands. That is to say the Kefir Salad contributes to lessen our risks for cholesterol and fuel the body’s immune system. It actually balances the body’s inner ecosystem that out digestion and bowel movement become further improved.


Chewy Cashew Oatmeal Cookies

Indulgently Chewy and carefully baked in pugon for their big and fragile flatness and circular shape to remain perfect, our Cashew Oatmeal Cookies are a filling treat without the artificial flavors! They only have organic flour, cashew nuts, Himalayan untreated salt, butter and duck eggs as main ingredients. Very tasty and a perfect treat for camping, trekking, picnic and swimming!


G Stuff branches at Alabang Town Center, Rockwell PoweplantMall and Trinoma for all your all-natural needs. For more information, you may visit our website at www.gstuff.ph, Facebook at www.facebook.com/gstuffph and Instagram at @gstuffph.  Or call 09175864530 or 5005623.



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