Friday, April 24, 2015

Live Mas with Taco Bell Philippines

We were happy to know that Taco Bell Gateway branch has reopened after it had to undergo renovation for quite a while. If you’re looking for some authentic Mexican food, then this is your best spot. You can roll in this place about 20 quarters and walk out feeding yourself and the girl you’re on a date with. During our recent visit, I’ve murdered a couple of nachos and taco supremes. They were on a different level than anything else I’ve ever tried (make sure you soak them in fire sauce…they’re absolutely divine!)

The ambiance is way better than the old one. They now have more seats to accommodate the customers, they have sofas, and the most important of all, electric outlet which customers can use. It is also easier to order now. After paying at the cashier, you just have to wait for your number to flashed on the screen.

What makes the new Taco Bell Gateway unique was the ambiance—they now exude a ‘chill’ vibe. They can never go wrong with their theme "Live Mas" which if means, "Live More". I won’t say much about it because you’ve got to see them for yourselves. They are now also well-lighted as compared to the old one. Tech savvy would also be happy to note that they’ve got free electrical units to charge their phones and gadgets plus a free first two hours of wifi connection which is pretty cool for Netizens. So you don’t need to buy expensive cups of coffee to load up your gadget’s batteries and update your dudes on your social media accounts. Just head over to Taco Bell Gateway to hit two birds with one stone: you can load up your empty stomach and satisfy your burrito, nachos or taco cravings and load up your gadget batteries as well. Oh, my! I think I could go on and on raving about how superb their foods are here at Taco Bell.

Taco Bell Gateway now features an open kitchen area where you can practically see how your orders are done ideally in less than two minutes. It’s actually fun to see the Taco Bell staff as they do your meals, at least you can be assured of sanitation because you could actually see what they put on your food. Clean as a whistle, courteous as can be, this is Taco Bell straight out of a fantasy. I am amazed because everything was super fast, efficient, accurate, and delicious. They were running a crunchwrap and churros for me. I remember it vividly. Taco Bell you complete me. I no longer want to make a more detailed food review here, but Taco Bell has both soft and crunchy tacos. You just have to make your choice. They've also got churros in chocolate dip and Chocodilla Nutella. 

So if you happen to pass by the Araneta Center in Cubao, make sure to come and drop by the new Taco Bell branch in Gateway Mall. I can assure you, it’ll be worth your visit. Do follow them on their social media accounts for updates on promos, Facebook and Twitter: @TacoBellPHL
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