Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Burger Project: Personalized Burger at its Best

Whether you cut your burger with a fork and a knife or you'd like to eat them with your bare hands, you will agree that with The Burger Project, there are certainly more ways than one  to enjoy your burger. A new concept of personalized burger--where you can put anything you love on your burger and omit those you abhor (for example: onions, pickles, and mustard). It actually felt like you're about to take an exam when you're given a paper and some pen from The Burger Project counter before you order. No need to peek or copy from someone else's paper. It is basically a checklist of the items you'd want in your own burger. Here, you can have your burgers exactly the way you want to since you-create-your-own-adventure-burger. Yes, you can have your burger the way you want to. 

Start off your adventure by choosing your burger patty--you might want a 100% angus burger,100% beef patty, double or triple patties, chicken, chori or for vegans, there's tofu. Then you choose your own burger bun, you have options whether you'd want the standard sesame bun, oatmeal (vegan), potato or brioche. From there, you can choose the kind of cheese you want, followed by the toppings and then finally the sauce. The taste of your burger depends on the choices you'd make. Be careful though as there were some items that does not complement each other like say for example, blue cheese and mango salsa. 

I practically inhaled this burger! This is the closest I've come to an awesome burger experience. My burger arrived full and packed with the fillings I've chosen for my burger. I resisted the urge to applaud as I didn't want to startle the other guests. My burger was well prepared and perfect with an inviting mix of flavors (from those I had chosen) and it surprisingly worked well together. The sauce (I've had buffalo wings sauce) was appreciably deep and married effortlessly with the beef patty and the other toppings and the gooey Mozzarella cheese. My sesame bun had a consistent crunch factor and remained such even after absorbing all that magic sauce.  There's some sense of addictive flavor profile here that keeps you hooked to the last burger bite. Each bite was consistently tangy and juicy, with a nice layering of flavors culminating the heat of my burger with buffalo wings sauce. Hands down, this is the best burger place for me. One burger is enough to satiate you and good enough for lunch meal. 

If you aren't into personalized burgers, you can choose burgers from The Burger Projects' choices of designer burgers where there's a standard bun, toppings and fillings. While you're at it, you can also order milkshakes and try their different designer fries (animal, truffle, chili cheese). Take note that their fries aren't your typical 'fries' because they seem like potato wedges--they're that huge! We've had their animal fries and it's really good that we had to order another in like after 10 minutes of wiping them out! The Burger Project is all about good old American food at its finest. 

If you're up for some fun and exciting way of eating a burger, then visit The Burger Project in three locations: Maginhawa Street in Teacher's Village Quezon City, Scout Rallos in Quezon City and in Jupiter Street Makati City. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.


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