Thursday, July 26, 2012


Let’s admit it, we all love to eat. We usually find time and manage to squeeze in (between our work) a bite or two, especially during the afternoon snack. And since times are hard, it felt good that there are restaurants that actually understand our need to snack without putting a hassle on out budget. Max’s Restaurant is one of them. 

Host Wilma Doesnt with Mr. Bobby Simborio of Max's. 

The Max’s Corner bakery partners up with its sister, Max’s Restaurant as they launch Max’s Merienda Mixes—an array of afternoon filling snacks at a very affordable price of Php95. “Merienda is an integral part of every Filipino’s gustatory routine (I strongly agree!), with this new campaign it seeks to create an experience that is light, fun and heartwarming for every Filipino, says Monette Aldos, Sales Operations and Marketing manager for Max’s Corner Bakery.  “Max’s home-baked goodies are 100% filled with love,” she adds. 

Wilma Doesnt with Monette Aldos and Max's Corner Bakery executives. 

A cute and colorful cootie catcher adorns Max's tables.
Imagine eating an afternoon snack in a fine dining setting with the comfort and quality service, exceptional food, not to mention of Max’s Restaurant’s free unlimited wi-fi service + value-for-money snack? I can’t see anything better than that! Merienda enthusiasts can head off to their favorite Max’s Restaurant from 2:00PM to 6:00PM and they can choose from Max’s classic merienda dishes such as Pancit Luglog, Pancit Canton or a petite bowl of triple-chocolate hot champorado with milk. Then, they can pair that up with a choice of any of the following: ¼ rolls of choco, ube, jelly, mango, mocha, or cheese rolls—how about ensaimada—they’re all freshly-baked. To complete the merienda feast, down them with a choice of brewed coffee, a glass of Pepsi or a cool glass of sago’t gulaman. 
Perfect for rainy days Champorado.

Blogger Jenny Roxas and son Cocoy enjoy a spoonful of  Max's champorado

Soft and cheesy Cheese Rolls

Chocolatey goodness of Choco Rolls

Sinful yet delish Ensaimada

Delightful Ube Roll and Jelly Roll for that sweet tooth!

Start the food journey by choosing your sweets.
Choices of Pancit Canton, Pancit Luglog or Champorado.

Down it with a glass of Pepsi, brewed coffee or Sago't Gulaman

Max’s Merienda Mixes is also available for take-out and delivery. Customers may conveniently dial max’s hotline 7-9000 for quick delivery service within Metro Manila.  You could also place your orders at

For hot weather: cool glass of Sago't Gulaman will cool you down. 

Pancit Luglog and Pancit Canton.

Plus there’s an ongoing raffle contest for those customers availing the Max’s Merienda Mixes. Just keep your receipts and log on to their website to key in the code in the electronic raffle for a chance to win one of the 10 lucky customers who will stand a chance to visit the newest Max’s Restaurant branch in the US, pocket money + exciting activities + surprise visits! So hurry, buy Max’s Merienda Mixes now!

My blogger friend Alwin Aguirre won an MP3 during a raffle.

Mr. Bobby Simborio of Max's explains the contest mechanics for the electronic raffle.

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Security Blanket thanks Ness Mercader, Alwin Aguirre , Bright Idea Events Management’s Ms. Portia, Ms. Maui Terrado and Max’s Restaurant.

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Anonymous said...

ala naman kwenta ang champorado craving kung palagi naman out of stock ang champorado sa mga max's outlets dito pampanga!they should just take ot off their menu if they cannot make it! try going to max's villa del sol, max's sm pampanga and max's marquee mall----at ang sasabihin lang sa yo sorry sir, not available ang champorado eh!!!

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