Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lotte's Milkis Carbonated "Milk" Drink

I had been curious to taste this unique carbonated "milk-flavored" drink for days now. Until I decided to buy and see for myself how its tastes like. It turned out, it tasted just as i had expected it to be: think of Sprite or 7 Up + Vanilla Ice Cream! It is very similar to coke float or rootbeer float except that it comes in a clear fizz soda. Not good for the kids because although it does have that "milky" taste, still it is artificial. 

If you're like me who wants to be an adventure nut, tired of drinking the same iced teas, orange juice and colored sodas, then try this new drink from Lotte. It had a feeling of soda but with the sweet and creamy taste of vanilla ice cream or milk. Now available at 7 Eleven Convenience stores nationwide. 


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