Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chowtime Instant Lugaw (rice porridge)

An instant rice porridge to keep you from getting hungry.

I'm no "INSTANT" noodle fan. I'd rather have a nutritious meal in the most natural, safe and healthy way of serving them. But sometimes, when you're in such a hurry, you have practically no other choice but to eat the easiest way, that is through instant foodies. i recently stumble upon Chowtime Instant Lugaw. It tasted just like the real thing though and  I was surprised that it does. Unlike the more popular counterpart, it has more texture and it had bits of chives as well. Quite good for an instant meal especially when you're on-the-go just as i was when i had to resort to eating these instant meals. Anyway, I enjoyed it, and for a P44.00, I got around 10 Chowtime Insatnt Lugaw (individually packed). Not bad, and it is quite a value for money. 

Chowtime Instant Lugaw is now available at leading groceries and supermarkets nationwide.


Anonymous said...

Hi, where were you able to buy this? Hi-Top?

purpleplumfairy said...

I've bought this product at Daily Supermarket in Metrolane, P. Tuazon. Q.C.

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