Thursday, May 12, 2016

Boy Kanin Food Review and Franchise Opportunities

Filipinos can’t live without rice. Hence, rice is part of our culture. Every single Filipino family has rice in their pantry and is cooked during meals. I used to eat rice at least once or twice a day back in those days when I was still healthy (note: I am now diabetic that I was advised by my endocrinologist to do away with it for health reasons.). Once in a while, I would give in to my 'rice cravings'or to satisfy my longing for carbs, but only in very minimal amounts. 

Ronald Allan Callao, CEO and owner of Boy Kanin

Part of the Filipino culture is our love for eating.  A more particular tradition on food is the Filipino’s love for rice. Rice as the staple food in our country is the meal of most Filipinos three times a day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fried rice is a popular meal for breakfast at home, but it is also served at restaurants with different toppings. Steamed rice with a simple viand could make up for a meal. Delicacies are part of food tradition during town fiestas, and it is mostly made of rice.

It is a popular fact for Filipinos that they miss eating rice when they travel to other countries, when rice is not served in restaurants or cooked in the house.  It is a lifestyle that many Filipinos can’t survive without eating rice at least once a day.

Given this fact, Mr. Ronald Allan Callao thought of putting up Boy Kanin which caters the masses by offering them with budget-friendly meals but viands that will remind you of your own grandma's specialty dishes. The meals are done with much TLC (read: made with tender loving care) because they're not your typical 'fast food fare'to begin with. Mr. Callao used to own a carinderia (eatery) in the South and being a certified foodie himself, it had always been his dream to help those hardworking employees with affordable delicious meals. 

I'd have to commend Boy Kanin for offering alternative choices from the usual burger joint for Filipinos. They have well-loved Pinoy viands such as the 'silog' variety which includes Tapa, Tocino, Longanisa, and grilled Liempo. I'm sure breakfast lovers will be enjoying Boy Kanin's silog variety. They're served with Boy Kanin's signature yellow rice and fried egg. They're reasonably priced and as they say in the vernacular,  'sobrang sulit'. I'd have to say, Boy Kanin's meals are really a good value for money because they serve really generous rice in each meal. You will never go wrong whether you choose their Boy Silog (typical Filipino breakfast meal favorites) or Boy Sarsa (popular Filipino viands such as Beef Steak Tagalog, Adobo, etc.) Your tummy will surely thank you for ordering them. What's more, they even have group meals called Boy Fiesta that are good to go for P199 only! Isn't that an offer you simply can't resist? You can now afford to treat your officemates, classamates, family or friends anytime and anywhere by ordering Boy Kanin's group meals which are good for a group of 4 to 5 persons. Feast on Boy Kanin's generous rice servings along with your favorite Filipino cuisines for a steal price!

Boy Fiesta includes Chicken Barbecue, Tocino, Tapa, Longanisa, Fried Eggs, Grille Liempo on a bed of Boy Kanin's signature rice.

Boy Kanin's Boy Sarsa called Bistek ni Istek (Beef Steak) where its sauce was directly poured into the rice.

Boy Kanin's Tocino and Fried Egg on rice

Grilled Liempo and fried egg on rice
The liempo was fork-tender and not rubbery although a bit dry.  The Beef  Steak was superb! I loved it so much that I even brought some home so that my family will also get to taste it for themselves. We were so happy with it that we decided and promised we'll drop by their SM Marikina branch soon once our schedule permits us to do so. 
Longanisa and fried egg on yellow rice,

Overall, I'd say that Boy Kanin was a total hit to us. Everything was fried to perfection, flavorful and very appetizing.  Their meals had the right balance of flavor, not too salty nor bland. Sadly though, they no longer have vegetable based meals due to spoilage issues since this is a tropical country. Note that your dining experience would not be complete if you don't try any of their specialty rice and wash it down with their signature Salabat Ginger Tea. I swear, even if you're not exactly a fan of ginger, you will like this. I guess even kids might even like its taste because it's sweetened with honey. But it doesn't have that bitter after-taste we usually encounter with ginger tea. The ginger tea perfectly complements each dish. And get this, each time you purchase Boy Kanin's ginger tea, you are actually helping an entire community by giving them livelihood. That's because Boy Kanin's CEO, President and proprietor, Mr. Ronald Callao sources the ginger from a certain community and in the process allows them to make a living. 

All in all, it was an awesome experience for our taste buds. I highly recommend Boy Kanin for their good quality Filipino dishes. And I assure you, it won't burn a hole in your pocket even if you treat an entire lot. 

For more information on Boy Kanin's branches and franchise opportunities, please call (02)352-8130 & 0919-4927986 or visit their official website Follow them on Facebook for updates and promos. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 


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